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VoiceThread Quickstart

Access VoiceThread

Click on the VoiceThread link in your Sakai course tools menu.  If you have not yet added the tool to your course site, review Adding Tools in Sakai for more information.

After you log in, you will see three tabs in the upper left corner: Browse, Create, and MyVoice.

Play a VoiceThread

  1. Click on the MyVoice tab.
  2. Select the area on the left where the VoiceThread you want to play is located, e.g., Owned by me, Shared with me, Tutorials.
  3. If you want to play a VoiceThread that has been posted for a course in which you are enrolled, click on your course on the left, under “Loyola University Chicago,” and all VoiceThreads for that class will be displayed to the right of the list of VoiceThreads.
  4. Click on the VoiceThread you want to play.

  5. The VoiceThread may start to play automatically, starting with the first comment at the top left and moving through all comments, then moving to the next slide.  
  6. If the VoiceThread does not start playing automatically, click the Play button in the middle of the bottom of the VoiceThread, directly under the comment button.
  7. Left and right arrows move a slide at a time through the presentation. 

  8. If the VoiceThread is a video, the video will play first, then each of the comments.
  9. When you press the Pause button  it changes to a Play button, which you can use to start playing the VoiceThread where you left off.


Comment on a VoiceThread

  1. Click on the MyVoice tab, then select the VoiceThread you want to comment on.
  2. Click the comment button that appears under the image.

  3. Comment by typing, recording your voice, recording video, or by phone.

    • To type your comment, click on the “type” button and start typing.
    • To use your microphone to record your comment:
      • Click on the “record” button.
      • Click Allow.
      • Start talking.
    • To use your webcam to record a comment, click the videocamera icon and start talking.
    • To use your phone to comment, click on the phone icon and type in your phone number; VoiceThread will call you back and you can record your comment.
  4. When you are finished with your comment, you can Save, or Cancel if you want to redo your comment.


Create a VoiceThread

  1. Log into luc.voicethread.com and click on the Create tab.
  2. Click on the Upload button.

  3. Choose the source of your upload:
    • Upload images, documents, or videos from your computer.
    • Use the Media Sources button to upload items from Facebook or Flickr.
    • Use URL to upload an item that is posted on the Internet (doesn’t work for video files, e.g. Youtube).
    • Use your webcam to record a video.

  4. After you have finished uploading, click on Comment  to play your upload and add any comments you want.

  5. Click “Add a title and description” in the upper left corner and click Save.
  6. To control whether your VoiceThread plays automatically and how long slides are displayed, click on Playback Options  at the bottom left of the "Create" page. The default setting is for the VoiceThread to start playing when opened and display each slide for 4 seconds before advancing.

Note: To see all of the VoiceThreads you have created, click on the “Owned by me” link on the MyVoice tab.


Share a VoiceThread

  1. To share the VoiceThread, click Share , then select your class, listed under Orgs & Groups.

  2. Select the “eye” icon to allow the class to view the VoiceThread.
  3. Select the “comment” icon to allow the class to comment on the VoiceThread.

  4. To share with one or more individuals that are not in your class:
    • Click on My Contacts under Orgs & Groups.
    • Click on the name of the person you want to share with.
    • Select sharing options.

NOTE: You can share one of your VoiceThreads with your class or group at any time by clicking on the MyVoice tab, then dragging your VoiceThread and dropping it on the name of your course or group. ‌‌