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Spring 2012 Schedule

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Registration and Continental Breakfast (Information Commons - 4th Floor)


Susan Malisch, VP/CIO, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - 4th Floor


Break (Information Commons - 4th Floor)


A1: Android Mobile App Development for Everybody
Ron Greenberg, Ph.D, William Honig, Ph.D, Computer Science
Session Convener: Ashley Brenke, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - 4th Floor

Come find out how you can program your own applications for Android phones. No programming experience required! We will demonstrate the free App Inventor environment that provides a drag-and-drop interface allowing you to construct applications in a process essentially like fitting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. We will discuss applications that may be used for academic and other purposes.

A2: From DocFinity to Beyond! Lessons Learned in Implementing a Paperless Filing System
Marijo Letizia, Ph.D. Beth Koenig, Nursing, Ray Pauliks, Project Management Office
Session Convener: Thomas Mathewson, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - Room 120

In this presentation, the School of Nursing and the university’s DocFinity Team will describe the steps in transitioning from hard copy to DocFinity for all Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student records. In particular, benefits will be discussed, along with lessons learned in the implementation process.

A3: The University Web Redesign
John Drevs, Stephen Ravenscraft, University Marketing & Communication
Session Convener: Sean Ohlinger, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - Room 317

As the Internet landscape changes, so too must the ways in which Loyola reaches its web audiences. This presentation from the team behind the University Web Redesign will showcase the process taken to evolve the University website. We will show the process of discovery, strategy and execution as well as provide glimpses into what the new university template will look like. We will also discuss Social Media strategy.


Break (Information Commons - 4th Floor)


B1: Social Media Trends, Emerging Tech and Academic Apps
Tara Radniecki, University Libraries
Session Convener: Michelle Dayton, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - 4th Floor

This session will cover recent trends and developments in social media and emerging tech such as digital curation, hyper-personalization, and NFC tags. The program will then look at specific apps useful in academic pertaining to productivity, research, grading, and more.

B2: Peer to Peer File-Sharing & Illegal Downloads: Beware of the Consequences
Fatima Nasiq, Sanjay Antony, Alexandria Fox, University Information Security Office
Session Convener: Elise Murphy, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - Room 120

Peer to peer (P2P) software is an easy way to share movies, music, TV shows, and other copyrighted works. But there are great dangers lurking behind the scenes. Discover how you are protected at Loyola, what you can do to protect yourself, legal alternatives, and what the consequences of using dangerous P2P software can be.

B3: What Exactly Do You Do? Business Intelligence Explained
Pauline McKinney, Enrique Olmo, Information Technology Services
Session Convener: Florence Yun, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - Room 317

The use of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and technologies are growing rapidly within higher-ed. Have you ever wondered exactly what BI is all about? Come find out what’s behind the buzzwords (i.e., dashboard, big data, drill down) and learn about what BI professionals do, how BI can help you, and why you should be excited about the data warehouse!


Lunch (Information Commons - 4th Floor)


Keynote: "Free Speech on the Web"
Brian Fitzpatrick, Google
Information Commons - 4th Floor

Every year, we’re storing more and more of our legacy (in the form of our personal data) on the internet in services that we don’t control directly. If we don’t think carefully about where we put our data and how we can move it from one place to another, we could wind up losing our messages, writings, and even our photos. Find out more about the challenges of free speech on the web and how to keep control of your data by the founder of Google’s Data Liberation Front and Transparency Engineering team.


C1: You're the Director: Video Editing with Digital Media Services
Nick Liberatore, Alma Pitchford and Adam Smeets, Digital Media Services
Session Convener: Florence Yun, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - 4th Floor

Digital Media Services provides service to numerous on-campus multimedia computer labs, but were you aware of the robust features of the Digital Media Labs? Explore all the facets these service locations provide including poster printing, advanced software applications and equipment loan. Get acquainted with video editing as we review one of our more popular applications, Final Cut Pro 7.

C2: Introduction to the Library of Congress Online for Teaching and Learning
Michelle Fry, Ed.D, Dan Wilk, School of Education
Session Convener: Ashley Brenke, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - Room 120

The Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Program works with colleges and other educational organizations to deliver professional development programs that help teachers use the Library of Congress’s rich reservoir of digitized primary source materials to design challenging, high-quality instruction (Library of Congress website, 2012 ). The TPS program at LUC will give tips to navigate the Library’s website for research in all department areas.

C3: Enhancing your Course with Adobe Connect
Sarah Dysart, Terry Moy, Center for Ignatian Pedagogy
Session Convener: Tim Walker, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - Room 317

In this session we will be discussing a variety of pedagogical methods for using Adobe Connect to reach students outside the classroom. Adobe Connect is often considered a tool for synchronous online meetings, but it can also be used to increase the flexibility of your face-to-face course, expand your geographical reach, and add tools you may not know exist to your teaching toolbox.


Break (Information Commons - 4th Floor)


D1: E-Textbooks: Options & Issues
Tara Radniecki, University Libraries
Session Convener: Nick Liberatore, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - 4th Floor

E-textbooks have become the hot topic in higher education as universities look for ways to both enhance the educational experience and lower material costs for students. This session will discuss various e-textbook options and purchasing models, as well as the issues and concerns that must be addressed when making such a drastic change in the way we provide course information to our students.

D2: DocFinity: An Functional Overview
Katherine Kim, Marco Reynoso, Project Management Office
Session Convener: Ray Pauliks, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - Room 120

Want to know more about DocFinity functionality? This demo and presentation focuses on an overview of the ECM tool; DocFinity, Version 10. We’ll review some of it’s features and functions and demonstrate how users can take advantage of this technology in their day to day work.

D3: Loyola eCommons: Increasing Access to Research
Eben English, University Libraries
Session Convener: Alma Pitchford, Information Technology Services
Information Commons - Room 317

Loyola eCommons (http://ecommons.luc.edu) is an online digital library created to collect, preserve, and provide access to a wide variety of scholarly and creative works produced by the Loyola University Chicago community. This presentation will provide an introduction to Loyola eCommons, including a full demonstration of features and benefits, and explain how faculty can use it to increase the accessibility and impact of their research.


Closing & Raffle
Information Commons - 4th Floor



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