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Questions and Answers about HSD's Move to Microsoft Exchange

Revised: June 25, 2014

HSD moved to a Microsoft Exchange email system in March 2014. Common questions and answers about the new system are provided below.

About the Upgrade Project

When did the migration take place?

HSD's email upgrade occurred in March 2014.

Who was affected?

The migration affected those HSD students, faculty, and staff, who were not moved as part of Loyola's May 2013 upgrade.

Did my email address change?

Yes. The domain for your email address changed from @lumc.edu to @luc.edu. (Email sent to your @lumc.edu address after the upgrade is being routed to your new mailbox automatically.) Your password for the new email system is the same as what you use for many University systems (such as Kronos, Benefit Express, Lawson, and Locus).

Were my GroupWise messages moved to Outlook?

Were my personalized GroupWise settings (e.g., rules, signatures) moved to Outlook?

Were my GroupWise contacts migrated to Outlook?

Was my GroupWise calendar moved to Outlook?

Was my mailbox structure (e.g., folders) moved to Outlook?

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About the New Programs

What is the difference between Exchange and Outlook?

Microsoft Exchange is the behind-the-scenes system that runs HSD's communication tools and programs. Microsoft Outlook is the application that faculty and staff now use to access email and calendars. Outlook connects to the Exchange server. For more information, see the About Exchange and About Outlook pages.

What is OWA?

OWA stands for Outlook Web App, a web-based version of Outlook email. You can use OWA to access your Loyola email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other mailbox content if you do not have the full desktop client, or when the desktop client is not available. The OWA login page is https://outlook.luc.edu.

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of programs that provides students with email and calendars, select Office software (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel), and communication tools like messaging and voice, video, and web conferencing. Students access Office 365 through the cloud (i.e., through the internet). For more information, see the About Office 365 page.

What is Microsoft Lync?

Microsoft Lync is a unified communication platform that offers instant messaging and voice, video, and web conferencing. For more information, see the About Lync page. Most faculty and staff at HSD have access to Lync as a result of the upgrade. (The program was installed with the Outlook 2013 desktop client.)

Does Outlook have an instant message feature?

IM functionality is available to those who use the full Outlook 2013 desktop client. You can start an IM conversation anywhere you see a contact's name or picture. 

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Was my calendar moved from GroupWise as part of the migration?

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Was my GroupWise archive moved to Outlook?

Are old messages archived in Outlook?

No. Messages will remain in your mailbox until you delete them.

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Were my contacts migrated to Outlook?

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Mobile and Remote Access

Can I still access email on all my devices?

Definitely, yes! One of the big advantages of the new system is the excellent support for mobile devices. In addition, email is synched in real time, regardless of your location. Step-by-step instructions for connecting are available on the Reconnecting Your Mobile Devices page.

Can I still access my mailbox from home or on a laptop?

Yes. If you’re working remotely, you can access your new account using the browser-based client, called Outlook Web Apps (OWA) at outlook.luc.edu. If you have a desktop version of Outlook installed on a personal machine, you can use this to connect to your Loyola account, as well.

Is there a mobile client for Lync 2013?

Yes. Please visit Microsoft Lync 2013 for Mobile Clients for more information.

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Getting Help

Who do I call if I have questions?

Questions can be directed to the Loyola University Help Desk at 773.508.4487 or helpdesk@luc.edu.

Are classes available?

In-person classes were offered in the spring. No additional sessions are scheduled at this time.

Are other learning resources available?

Yes. Documentation, videos, and other materials are offered on our Documentation and Training page.

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Student Accounts

I graduated in May 2014. How long will my account continue to work?

Loyola students will be now be allowed to keep their @luc.edu email address for as long as they like -- even for life! Students who graduated in May 2014 were migrated to the new Office 365 suite, and any new messages are being delivered there.

I'm a student and a staff member (or a student and a faculty member). What information applies to me?

Your role as a faculty or staff supersedes your student status. Where differences exist, please refer to information provided for faculty or staff.

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