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Information Technology Services

Rights and Responsibilities when using Electronic University Resources

Information Technology Services (ITS) is the university organization that provides access to the university computing, networking, telephony, and information resources (hereafter referred to as the network) for Loyola students as well as for Loyola faculty and staff, and sponsored guests.

The University computer network consists of the university-wide backbone network, campus-wide backbone networks, local area networks (including public-access computing centers and labs), and many shared computer systems as well as personal desktop computers. Information Services works to insure that network rights are not violated and network responsibilities are followed.

Network resources also include:

Individuals covered

This policy applies to all persons accessing and using the network through any facility of the University. These persons include students, faculty, staff, persons retained to perform University work, and any other person extended access and use privileges by the University given the availability of these resources and services, and in accordance with University contractual agreements and obligations.

Rights regarding access and use of network resources and services

Members of the University community and others extended access privileges by the University can expect certain rights as they use the network and its services.

Responsibilities regarding access and use of network resources and services

There are also responsibilities that must be met as part of the privilege of network access. All who access and use the University network are expected to live up to these responsibilities. If you knowingly violate a network responsibility, your network access may be suspended subject to University policies and procedures.

Acceptable use policies for these networks are available on the Internet.

EDUCOM Code regarding ethical and legal use of software

Loyola University Chicago abides by the EDUCOM Code (1987) regarding the ethical and legal use of software, i.e., EDUCOM Code on Software and Intellectual Rights. The EDUCOM code can be found on the Loyola University Chicago web site and elsewhere on the Internet. In addition, copies of the brochure entitled Using Software: A Guide to the Ethical and Legal Use of Software for Members of the Academic Community which explains the code are available at every campus computing center.

Non-compliance and sanctions

Information Services and other appropriate university authorities should be notified about violations of computer laws and network policies, as well as about potential loopholes in the security of its networks.

Disregarding this policy concerning the rights and responsibilities of those authorized to access and use the University computing, networking, telephony and information resources may result in the denial or removal of access privileges by system or network administrators, and may lead to disciplinary action under applicable University standards of conduct. Additionally, such disregard may be referred to other authorities for civil litigation and criminal prosecution under applicable state and federal statutes.

Appeal of an administrative decision

Individuals who disagree with an administrative decision may submit an appeal of the decision to the appropriate resource manager or systems administrator. From there, a student may submit an appeal to the Dean of Students, a faculty member through their department administration either to the Provost or to the Vice President for the Health Sciences, and a staff member through their management to the Vice President for Human Resources. Individuals must submit these appeals according to any rules and procedures issued by system administrators or component administrators.

Relationship of this policy with others

This policy supplements the Access and Acceptable Use of University Computing, Networking, Telephony, and Information Resources and the Access and Acceptable Use of Public Access Computing and Networking Facilities and Services which are available and can be found on the Loyola University Chicago web site.

The University reserves the right to change the information, requirements and procedures announced in this policy. This policy will continue to be in effect until a further revision is required and promulgated. Consult the campus computing center or the appropriate system administrator for information on other policies, procedures or directives that supplement this policy.

Suggestions and comments concerning this Rights and Responsibilities for the Access and Use of University Computing, Networking, Telephony and Information Resources Policy can be directed to the University Information Security Office at datasecurity@luc.edu.


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