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Opinio-How to Send Invitations


After customizing the course evaluation, you will need to send the survey to students.  In Opinio, this is done through the “invitations” feature.   You will need to customize invitations for each course.  To simplify this process, ITS has provided templates with text you can copy and paste.  


You will still need the following before you begin the invitation:

  1. Course Listing spreadsheet  (courselisting.xls)  This Excel document is the same one used to customize your survey.  You will use this to copy and paste the course title into the invitation. 
  2. Invitation document (invitation.doc). This is a word document that contains the text of the invitation and the reminder.  The Opinio form does not come with specific text to send with the survey – it only contains the web address.  You are welcome to adapt this text as you see fit. 

Customizing the Basics

Inserting the Message Text

Setting the Reminder

Adding Invitees


  1. Log into Opinio and select the Spring 2006 (Term 1062) directory.  Select your department subfolder. Find your course in this folder and double-click on this. 
  2. At the Survey Administration panel, go to the Publish and Report panel in the lower left-hand section.  Click on Invitations, which is indicated with the envelope icon. 
  3. The next screen should state that you have no invitations to this survey.  Click on Add in the right-hand corner. 
  4. You will be taken to the main invitation page.  This is where you will add the details that are specific to your course and to the department.  All of this information is included in the Course Listing spreadsheet (courselisting.xls) and in the Invitation Word document (invitation.doc).  
  5. In the Invitation Name field, copy and paste your course title from the Course Listing spread sheet.  Select the cell under the column Label for TCE and select Edit | Copy.    
  6. Return to Opinio and place your cursor in the Invitation Name field. Select Edit | Paste. 
  7. Fill in the From Name and From E-mail fields.  These fields will be already filled with your own login information.  You should replace this information with the name and email address of the chair of the department.  This information can be copy and pasted from the Invitation Word document (invitation.doc). 



In this step, you will be personalizing the message that will be sent out to students to encourage them to take the survey and notifying them of the deadline.  You will be copying and pasting this information from the Invitation Word document (invitation.doc). You will note that the Message Field contains the web address of the survey.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that this address is NOT erased or modified.  Students will be clicking on this to take the survey.  You will be inserting your invitation letter text BEFORE this web address. 




  1. Go to the Invitation Word document (invitation.doc).  provided by ITS. Select all of the text below Survey invitation e-mail text.    Go to Edit | Copy. 
  2. Return to the Message field.  Place your cursor the field BEFORE all of the text that is in the box already.     Select Copy | Paste or (CTRL-V).  
  3. Scroll down to make sure you have not deleted or altered the web address of the survey. If you have made a mistake, press Cancel.   You will then need to start the process over again. 



Reminders are automated emails that are sent out to everyone on the invitation list to complete the survey.  In order for the reminder to be sent, you need to manually adjust the settings and insert text that will go into the email.

  1. Set the Reminder Count to “1” and Set Send Every to 5 days.  This means that 1 reminder will be sent out 5 days after the first email.   You can adjust these settings if you wish more reminders to be sent out for a different period of time.  
  2. In the Reminder Message field, you will go through the same copy and paste process as you did with the invitation message.  However, you will use the reminder e-mail text, which is slightly different from the text used in the invitation message.  This text is included in the Invitation Word document (invitation.doc).
  3. Go to the Word document and select the reminder e-mail text.  Select Edit
  4. Go to the Word document and select the all of the text beneath reminder e-email text.  Select Edit | Copy (or CTRL-C) 
  5. Place your cursor in the Reminder Message field BEFORE the text that is already in the field that contains the web address of the survey.  Remember, you do NOT want to overwrite this very important information!  Your text should go BEFORE this information.   In your browser window, select Edit | Paste  (or CTRL-V)
  6. Your reminder text should appear like this: 




Scroll down to make sure your web address is intact.  If you have accidentally deleted it or changed any of the address, you should click on CANCEL button and start the invitation process over again.



The last step of the process is to add invitees to your list.  E-mail lists of students have already been created by ITS and added to the Opinio database.   

  1. To add invitees, scroll down and select your course from the list. Click on the Copy button. 
  2. Opinio will then populate the field below with all of the e-mail addresses in the list.  You do not need to add or type any e-mail addresses manually.  You just need to select Save and Start.
  4. Your invitation is ready to be sent out!  If you have made any mistakes, you can simply delete the invitation and start the process over.  



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