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Software Center

Downloading/Installing/Accessing New Software in SCCM's Software Center

Changes in “Loyola Software” accessed via the Start Menu:


Installing LUC licensed software:

From the Start Menu go to Loyola Software and launch Software Center

Select one or more applications from the list and click “Install”

Applications will now be installed on your Start Menu under “All Programs” in the main menu or under the appropriate application folders.

 Software Applications assigned to specific groups or individuals that are not listed on this page can be found by clicking on the “Find additional applications from the Application Catalog” link that is located under the search bar at the top right of the Software Center screen.

Please note that clicking on this link will open an Internet Explorer Browser page with the Application Catalog. Internet Explorer or Firefox may be used to access the Application Catalog, but on Firefox the Silverlight Plugin must be activated.  If your default browser is not Internet Explorer, then a simple copy and paste of the URL from your default browser to the Internet Explorer browser will be the easiest way to get to the Application Catalog.

Scroll through to the software application you are looking for or type the name of the application in the “Search Application Catalog” field to locate the application.

Once highlighted click on the “Install” button to download and install the application.