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Board of Trustees Website (pss 782)



November 2008
Sponsor: Office of the President (Magdziarz) / Project Manager: Prina / Health: 

  • Website released on schedule and presented to the Board of Trustees on 9/5/2008. Project close meeting held.
  • One-hundred and thirty-six users were created and 10 of the 11 committees have electronic documents posted for the December 4th and 5th board and committee meetings.
  • Training sessions held for committee liaisons.
  • Web video produced and linked on website that provides a 4 minute "How To" for using the website.
  • Next Steps: (1) Provide on-site support for December 5th board meeting. (2) Following the December 5th board meeting, transition to regular support model with the ITS Support Center.

August 2008
Sponsor: Office of the President (Magdziarz) / Project Manager: Prina / Health: 

  • Performed regression testing of the application and closed out 37 of 41 issues; the remaining issues are minor and will not affect release dates.
  • Scheduled a meeting for User Acceptance Testing with the President’s Office; this will be completed by 8/22.
  • Dates for release: UAT starting 8/21, data preparation starting 8/25, targeted release to Executive Committee members on 9/1, presentation to Trustees and general go-live on 9/5.
  • Next Steps: Complete the development of the Training and Presentation materials.

May 2008
Sponsor: Office of the President (Magdziarz) / Project Manager: Prina / Health:

  • Project (PSS 782) has just started; there are no issues at this stage.


  • Scheduled meeting with ITS Sponsor to review the communications plan, roles of project members and requirements.
  • Next Steps: (1) Hold a kickoff meeting with BOT stakeholders to gather more requirements, (2) Send documentation to both the Sponsor and ITS Sponsor for approval, (3) Continue development of project planning documentation.



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