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LOCUS Student System for SSOM (PSS 864)


March 2010
Sponsor: Finance (Laird)/ Project Manager: Yun / Health:   

  • Project Complete, in production.
  • Next Steps: Completed.

December 2009
Sponsor: Finance (Laird) / Project Manager: Yun / Health:

  • SSOM student population included in project (PSS 1153) to generate 2009 1098T forms for all students; SSOM student historical data imported into LOCUS (PSS 1141). Project has been closed out and there are no further planned development efforts.
  • Next Steps: Determine target dates and complete projects in progress.

August 2009
Sponsor: Finance (Laird) / Project Manager: Yun / Health:

  • Matriculated one hundred and forty-five (145) first year students (Class of 2013), student invoicing of tuition owed as part of the University's routine June and July e-Bill billing cycles utilizing batch refunding to expedite crediting student accounts, the ability to make a payment via credit card online, providing students 24/7 access to their financial data and providing students with ability to grant parent/guest access to their data as well as utilizing other options available with LOCUS. 
  • Next Steps: (1) Conduct project closeout meeting, (2) Complete Roles/Responsibilities turnover, (3) Move project status to Complete.

May 2009
Sponsor: Finance (Laird) / Project Manager: Yun / Health:

  • 2009-2010 Financial Aid Activities included processing six-hundred and thirty (630) SSOM award packages, two-hundred and forty-six (246) of which were candidate students for the Fall 2009 term.
  • Developed two new interfaces and configured database views between LUMC and LUC to provide prompt student data updates between campuses.
  • Created LOCUS profiles for nine hundred and twenty (920) SSOM students that included the "candidate" students for the Fall 2009 term.  
  • Next Steps: (1) Configure Student Finance and Student Billing requirements for Fall 2009 term, (2) Import current SSOM students' financial history information into LOCUS, (3) Provide students with 24/7 access to their financial data and provide enhancements not previously available to SSOM students, such as setting up parent/guest access, viewing e-Bill(s) and the ability to make a payment via credit card online.

March 2009
Sponsor: Finance (Laird) / Project Manager: Yun / Health:

  • Continuing and candidate student data loaded into LOCUS including UVIDs for candidate students.
  • Developed an interface for new admits.
  • Created SSOM student security views in LOCUS.
  • Configured LOCUS to provide the ability to send out financial aid awareness letters.
  • Next Steps: (1) Create LOCUS profiles for SSOM students, (2) Configure Student Finance and Student Billing requirements, (3) Pull SSOM student balance forward and financial aid information.  


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