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Remote Access for Mac OS 9


  1. From the Apple Menu, select Control Panels | Remote Access.
    The Remote Access window opens.

    If the Remote Access window does not resemble the picture below, click the arrow next to the word Setup.




  2. In the Remote Access window:
    1. Select Registered User.
    2. Enter your Loyola Universal ID in the "Name" field.
    3. Enter your Loyola Computing password in the "Password" field.
    4. Check Save Password.
    5. Type 18474671214 in the "Number" field.


  3. Click the Options... button. The Options window opens.


  4. Click the Redialing tab. From the drop down menu, select Redial main number only.


  5. On the Redialing tab:
    1. Set the redial times to 3.
    2. Change the time between retries to 5 seconds.


  6. Select the Connection tab.
    1. Check "Launch Status application when connecting."
    2. Check the three boxes in the Reminders section.
    3. Type 85 after "Prompt every."
    4. Type 85 after "Disconnect if idle for."


  7. Select the Protocol tab.
    1. Check "Allow error correction and compression."
    2. Check "Use TCP header compression."
    3. Check "Connect to a command-line host."
    4. Select the Use terminal window option.


  8. Click OK to close the Options window.


  9. From the Apple Menu, select Control Panels | TCP/IP.
    1. Choose PPP from the "Connect via" drop down menu.
    2. Choose Using PPP Server from the "Configure" drop down menu.
    3. Leave the rest of the options blank. They will be populated automatically once you successfully connect to Loyola.


  10. Quit the TCP/IP Control Panel. When prompted, click Save to save your changes.


  11. In the main Remote Access window, click Connect. The Remote Access window changes to indicate connection status.


  12. The PPP Terminal window pops up. Click the Settings button before entering any information into the terminal window.


  13. In the PPP Terminal Settings window:
    1. Check "Close Terminal when PPP is started."
    2. Check "Prompt to save Connection Script on close."


  14. Click OK to return to the main PPP Terminal window.


  15. In the PPP Terminal window:
    1. Type your Universal Loyola ID at the "Username" prompt.
    2. Type your Loyola Computing password at the "Password" prompt.
    3. Type PPP at the lsdialc> prompt.

    The PPP Terminal window scrolls some text including your IP address.



  16. The Save As dialog box opens, prompting you to save your connection script. Name the script LUC Connect.


  17. Save the script in the Utilities folder, in your Applications folder.


  18. The Remote Access window reappears. You can now open your Web browser and surf the Web.

IMPORTANT: Before you finish your computing session, set Remote Access to use your new LUC Connect script. Doing so greatly simplifies connecting to Loyola during future sessions. Follow these directions:

  1. From the Remote Access window, click Options.


  2. Click the Protocol tab. Set it to use the LUC Connect script you just created.
    1. Select the "Use connect script" radio button.
    2. Click the Import Script... button.


  3. Locate the LUC Connect script in the Utilities folder, inside the Applications folder.


  4. Click Open.


  5. The main Remote Access window reappears. Quit the application. When prompted, click Save to save the changes you made to Remote Access.

    You are now finished setting up Apple's Remote Access.


Once you have set up the Apple Remote Access Control Panel and saved the LUC Connect script, connecting to Loyola is a snap. Follow these simple instructions for future Loyola Internet connections:

  1. From the Apple Menu, select Control Panels | Remote Access.
    The Remote Access window opens.


  2. Click Connect.


  3. Launch your web browser.


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