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Remote Access - Windows XP



  1. Right-click on this script file and save it to your disk. If you are saving it directly to your hard drive, save it to the C:\Windows\System32\ras folder.
  2. Go to Start | Control Panel | Network Connections and double-click the New Connection Wizard icon.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select Connect to the Internet and click Next.
  5. Select Set up my connection manually and click Next.
  6. Select Connect using a dial-up modem and click Next.
  7. Make sure the correct modem is checked and click Next.
  8. For the ISP Name use Loyola, or whatever suits you, and click Next.
  9. Fill in the phone number (847-467-1214) and click Next.
  10. Type in your Loyola user name. Uncheck the first and third boxes, and possibly the second if it's not your main connection, and click Next.

    NOTE: XP appears to pad the password in some cases, so if you save it in the connection box, it doesn't authenticate properly on subsequent connection attempts. If this happens to you, don't save the password, but type it in when it prompts you - each time you connect.

  11. If you want to add an icon on your desktop, check the box and then click Finish.
  12. When the connection box comes up, click on Properties and then select the Security tab at the top.
  13. Check the Run Script box and then click on the Browse button.
  14. Click on luppp.scp and then click on the Open button.
  15. Click on OK, fill in your password, and then click on Dial.



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