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Technology for Events

Planning Technology for Your Event

Academic Technology Services (ATS) is committed to providing the latest information as it relates to technology for events hosted on one of Loyola's lakeside campuses. Below you will find tips and resources to assist with the planning process that we hope will contribute to making your event a success. 

Things to Consider

Is your event being paid for by Loyola?

Will your event take place during normal hours of operation (M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)?

Determining Your Technology Needs

Does your event require the use of technology?

If your event requires the use of technology, please be sure to compile a complete list of your technology needs prior to reserving a location. Below is a set of questions to help create your list.

  1. Do you need access to video conferencing?
    Loyola has three fully equipped video conference rooms: Granada Center 291 West, Information Commons 332 and Corboy Law Center 727.
  2. Do you need to video capture your event?
    Loyola has several capture-ready classrooms: Crown Center Auditorium, 114-115; Information Commons 105, 111, 120, 215, 216, 230; Corboy Law Center 202, 423; Maguire Hall 110; Mund 508
  3. Do you need access to a computer?
    Most electronic spaces are equipped with a computer (PC) and also allow users to connect a personal laptop. A few conference rooms only provide a wall plate which requires a user to bring in a portable computer.
  4. Do you need access to a telephone? 
    Most electronic spaces are equipped with a telephone. Other spaces may vary.
  5. Do you need any microphones?
    Most of the larger venues on campus have a built-in microphone system. However, the number of microphones a single space can support varies.
  6. Will you need any special training on the use of presentation equipment prior to your event?
    Instructional Technology & Research Services (ITRS) offers demonstrations and consulting for all Loyola-adopted presentation technology. Individual tutorial sessions with ITRS staff can be scheduled through the Help Desk (see below).
  7. Do you need any special equipment such as a tripod, digital camera or audio recording kit?
    If you are a current Loyola faculty, staff or enrolled and active student, you may borrow equipment through our self-service equipment loan program. A member of the Digital Media Services (DMS) staff will be glad to provide training with each kit item in the Lab.

Loyola has made a commitment to investing in learning spaces equipped with presentation technology. As a result, an inventory of portable equipment is very limited. A complete list of electronic spaces can be found by visiting the Instructional Technology & Research Services (ITRS) website at www.luc.edu/itrs

Alternatively, if you are a Loyola faculty, staff or enrolled and active student, Digital Media Services (DMS) offers a variety of self-service equipment you may borrow for use at your event. For a complete list of equipment available for loan, please visit Digital Media Services' website at www.luc.edu/digitalmedia. If you have any questions and would like to speak with a member of the DMS team, call (773) 508-8029 or email digitalmediaservices@luc.edu.

Reserving Your Space Through Campus Reservations

Please note - Academic Technology Services does not reserve rooms. To secure space for your event, contact Campus Reservations at (773) 508-8067 or through their website at http://www.luc.edu/campus_reservations/. Be sure to describe your technology needs when making a reservation.

Contacting the Help Desk to Request Technology Assistance

The ITS Help Desk serves as the primary point of contact for most technology-related requests. Support Center office hours can be found here. To submit your request, call (773) 508-4ITS or email helpdesk@luc.edu. All requests should be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of your event. Below is a common list of requests.

The following is needed when requesting a *Bradford Guest or Conference ID from the ITS Help Desk:

  1. A Loyola faculty or staff member (aka Loyola sponsor) must make the request on behalf of the conference attendee(s)
  2. Name of the conference
  3. Exact number of conference attendees
  4. Date of the conference
  5. Exact start and end times of the conference

Please note a Conference ID is for accessing the wired or wireless network and is strictly reserved just for conferences. Only the Loyola sponsor making the initial request can ask for a password reset or to remove a "lock" from an account.

The Non-Affiliated Persons form is used to request a Guest ID and provides access to Loyola's electronic network, including email and other systems. Guests are considered all those who are not current Loyola faculty, staff, or students. This includes visiting faculty, consultants and contractors providing services to the university, as well as non-credit participants in instructional programs. All requests must be made by a Loyola sponsor. Once a Guest ID has been created, the sponsor must contact the ITS Help Desk for any additional access privileges that may need to be set up.

*Bradford Guest IDs are used only for wireless access and only one mobile device can be registered with each ID.

All requests for either type of ID can be submitted to helpdesk@luc.edu for processing. Additionally, to help protect Loyola's network, all users must properly register their computing device via the Bradford registration page (https://netreg1.luc.edu/registration).

Review and Reserve Available Self-service Equipment

Digital Media Services (DMS), located at the Information Commons - Room 207 and Corboy Law Center - Room 608, offers an equipment loan program in an effort to increase access to the technologies needed to both produce and display multimedia content at Loyola. Please note that staff are not available to deliver and set up any self-service equipment available through the Equipment Loan Program.

Equipment is available for check-out to all current Loyola undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. The following links will provide direct access to the various features of the Equipment Loan Program and Digital Media Services:

If you have any questions and would like to speak with a member of the DMS team, call (773) 508-8029 or email digitalmediaservices@luc.edu.

Wrapping Up Your Event


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