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Insieme per il futuro

Together for the future - JFRC Campaign

About Insieme

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More than 50 years ago, John Felice, the Rome Center's founder, envisioned a permanent American campus in Rome dedicated to cross-cultural exchange. That dream is becoming a reality, and we are closer than ever to fulfilling its potential.

The John Felice Rome Center is now one of the largest American study-abroad programs in Europe. As we gain momentum, we look to our alumni and friends to join us to create more opportunities for our students and improve our academic environment.

Insieme per il futuro was a campaign of the Rome Center that concluded in summer 2014. Money raised from this campaign continues to help renovate facilities on campus, increase student scholarship support, and add student programming.

Though the changes we have made through Insieme are immense, there is still more work to be done at the JFRC. Your continued support is vital in fulfilling our vision to be the premier study-abroad program. In 2015, we look forward to sharing with you plans for Avanti!, the next exciting phase in the JFRC’s history.

Our goals

The support of alumni, friends, and members of the Rome Center community continues to advance the work of the JFRC in three areas:

Provide students with real-world opportunities for sponsored study-trips and immersive service and internship experiences.

Renovate, build, and renew our facilities to enhance the academic environment and improve the overall student experience.

Expand scholarship opportunities for deserving students.