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Insieme per il futuro

Together for the future - JFRC Campaign

Community Spaces

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‌Outdoor Terrace

The outdoor terrace will offer students and guests a space to enjoy the warmth of Rome as they gather to eat, study, and relax. The terrace is located just outside the main auditorium and conference hall and is available for naming.

Main Entry Foyer

The main entry foyer to the JFRC will be a welcoming experience for all those who come through our doors. Students and guests alike will enjoy the beautiful new entryway as they walk through the main doors of the JFRC. The JFRC driveway will be reconfigured to bring guests directly to the main entrance. Once there, they will step into a formal foyer with a new porter’s station that will include a reception area.

Student Community Commons

The student community commons and café, currently located below the existing chapel, will be renovated to include an updated Rinaldo’s Café, a new experimental and community kitchen that will be used for cooking classes and demonstrations, and a new bookstore. A new outdoor eating area will include beautiful new landscaping and provide diners with a welcome al fresco dining option.

Student Cafeteria

The student cafeteria and dining hall will stay in the same spot, but will be enlarged to hold an additional 54 seats. The cafeteria kitchen will continue to provide JFRC residents and visitors with a pleasant dining experience.

Main Stairway Landing Foyer

A focal point of the interior of the JFRC is the main stairway landing foyer, which connects all aspects of the JFRC. This unique and highly visible space will provide a spacious and attractive gathering area that is suitable for naming.

Classroom Foyer Lounge

A spacious classroom foyer lounge on the ground level will offer students a comfortable space to catch up on homework, meet with fellow students to go over class assignments, or compare notes about their Rome experience.