Loyola University Chicago

JD Admissions

School of Law

Important Dates for Applying to the School of Law



September 15

Applicants may begin to complete the Fall 2014 LSAC E-application--you will be unable to submit your application before October 1

October 1

First day you can submit your application 

Office of Admissions will begin downloading applications. Once the application is received and processing has begun, applicants will receive a confirmation email.

December LSAT

Provided all required materials are received by January 15, we will accept your December LSAT score for the Early Notification deadline.

 If you do not wish to make the early notification deadline, we will accept the February LSAT.

January 15

Early notification application completion deadline--application file must be complete.  This includes application, letter of recommendation, personal statement, LSAT score and CAS report.

March 1

Deadline to complete  FAFSA  www.fafsa.gov

March 1

All applicants with files complete by February 15 will be notified of a decision. 

April 1

Priority application deadline

April 30

Deadline for receipt of application supplementary documents

July 1

Deadline to submit TRANSFER and VISITING applications

July 15

Deadline to complete TRANSFER and VISITING applications