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What are the most popular markets and career paths for Loyola students?

Most Popular Markets
Loyola graduates from the Classes of 2007-2011 went on to work in 28 states as well as Washington, DC; Puerto Rico; American Samoa; and several international markets. The vast majority of Loyola's graduates pursue careers in Illinois, many in and around Chicago. Beyond Illinois, the most popular markets for Loyola alumni are Washington, DC; Michigan; and New York.

Top Four% Reported
Illinois 83%
Washington, DC 2%
Michigan 2%
New York 1.5%


Most Popular Career Paths
Historically, the majority of Loyola's law students enter private practice upon graduation. This table shows the top four career paths for graduates from the Classes of 2007-2011.

Top Four Career Paths% Reported
Law Firm 56.6%
Business or Industry* 17.9%
Government 13.8%
Public Interest 5.2%

For additional information regarding the career paths and geographic distribution (including a breakdown by region and state) of Loyola's alumni, please see our Employment Statistics for the Classes of 2007-2011.

Class of 2007 (PDF)
Class of 2008 (PDF)
Class of 2009 (PDF)
Class of 2010 (PDF)
Class of 2011 (PDF)

*What does being employed in the "business" category mean? Are these non-law jobs?

The Business or Industry category (under Employment Type) captures many different types of employment. Some of these jobs require a JD, but some do not. See below for the percentage of graduates in 2007-2011 who reported a job in the Business or Industry category as well as listing of the Business Employers reported by Loyola's Class of 2011 graduates.

Class Year% Reported
Class of 2007 17.27%
Class of 2008 17.16%
Class of 2009 19.26%
Class of 2010 22.46%
Class of 2011 22%


Business Employers of the Class of 2011


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