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Online job postings are most students' preferred method for applying for jobs.  So why do we list this last?  Two reasons:

1) Most jobs are never posted, so relying exclusively on job postings means that you are missing out on great opportunities;

2) Job postings are the most competitive job searching avenue - if you found the posting, so did a lot of other law students, and your resume will really have to shine to stand out in the pile of law student resumes the employer likely received in response to their posting.

That said, it is worth applying to any job posting that you are interested in and qualified for.  The best source of job postings for law students is our Symplicity database.  On November 1, all 1Ls will receive a Symplicity Username and Password.  (Just call our office at 312.915.7160 if you don't receive yours by November 2.)  When you first log on to Symplicity, you will need to input some personal information into your profile before you will be able to see job listings.  Once that's done, click on Jobs in the top navigation bar.  Select "Summer" for position type, and you will see all of the summer positions that employers have sent to the law school.

If you are interested in Government or Public interest, don't forget about PSLawNet.

Additional job posting websites are included on our Useful Websites list.

Students have even found jobs through Craigslist.  However, please note that you should do careful research on jobs posted through an unvetted and anonymous source.  At a minimum, do a lawyer search on the Illinois ARDC (Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission) site to confirm that the attorney looking to hire you is a member in good standing of the Illinois bar.

Job Fairs are another way to turn up job opportunities - make sure to check our job fair page to become familiar with the deadlines for applying to participate in a number of job fair opportunities, including a wide range of diversity job fairs.