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Now that you’ve compiled a career plan that includes jobs, internships, externships and volunteer work, you need to find employers where you can do all these things.  The more exhaustive your research on employers where you can work during law school, the betterToo many students wait passively to see what employers post jobs on our Symplicity job database – but you need to know that job postings (on Symplicity and elsewhere) represent only a tiny fraction of the positions available to law students.  Most positions are never posted because they are filled by students who approach employers directly through inquiries about available positions, through personal or alumni contacts, or through unsolicited targeted mailings.  In-depth research on employers will help you identify who to reach out to, so that you can be one of those students filling jobs before they are posted.  

To help you identify employers you may want to approach, we’ve collected resources for searching for employers by employer type, as well as resources for students interested in working in other states:

1)    Law Firms

Large and small law firms recruit very differently; it is important to understand the employer you are approaching to know when and how best to position yourself.

2)    Government

The government offers a wide variety of legal jobs at the federal, state, and local level.

3)    Public Interest

Public interest employers offer the opportunity to gain legal experience while working on issues that are important to you.

4)    Corporations

Although corporate legal departments are hard to enter directly out of law school, many will take law students on during the summer as interns.

5)    Out of State Job Searches

Loyola has alumni practicing across the country and throughout the world.  Here are some resources for searching for positions outside of Illinois.