Loyola University Chicago

Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

School of Law

Academic Calendar

Please be advised that the start/end dates of a semester are subject to change until the final schedule is posted on LOCUS by the University Registrar.

Fall 2016 Calendar

August 18–19 Orientation—1st year Full-Time and Part-Time Students
August 20 First Day of all Saturday classes
August 20-29 Late Registration/Change of Registration –Only days to add a class and to withdraw from a class with “EC” (Erase Course)
August 22 First Day of all other classes
September 5 Labor Day—No Classes, Offices Closed
September 19 - October 14 Prospective May 2017 graduates file for graduation
October 31 All GLS students (LLM, MJ, SJD, DLaw)
October 31 Third and Fourth Year PT JD
November 1 Third Year FT JD
November 2 Second Year PT JD
November 3 Second Year FT JD
November 4 First Year PT JD
November 4 First Year FT JD
November 5 All Others (Transfer and Visiting)
November 19 Last day of Saturday classes
November 22 Last day of Tuesday classes
November 23 Last day of Wednesday classes
November 24–27 Thanksgiving Recess—No classes, Offices Closed
November 28 Last day of Monday classes
November 29 Last day of Thursday classes (will meet on Tuesday, November 29)
November 30 Last day Friday classes (will meet on Wednesday, November 30)
December 1 Study/Makeup Day
December 2 Study/Makeup Day
December 5–15 Final Examinations
December 24–25 Christmas Holiday—Offices Closed