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Loyola: The Place for Compliance Studies

Loyola University Chicago School of Law is leading the way in Compliance Studies. Loyola is one of the few institutions in the country offering students the opportunity to earn masters level health law and business law degrees with a concentration in Compliance Studies. We offer more than 30 online courses relating to compliance.

What is compliance?

Corporations, corporate officers, and health care organizations operate in a world of ever increasing rules and regulations. Having an organized program for complying with the law has not only become standard, but federal law now obligates many entities to adopt compliance programs. In most major corporations and organizations, the compliance office helps the entity conform to the law. Compliance officers are responsible for addressing a host of risks specific to the organization. Compliance officers are also responsible for a variety of tasks, including educating employees, auditing the entity, and responding to or remediating suspected non-compliance.

Loyola’s philosophy of compliance sees compliance programs with horizontal and vertical aspects. The horizontal aspects of a compliance program include the classic seven elements of a compliance program and the significant programmatic structures of a compliance program which apply to all industries. The vertical aspects of a compliance program are the many and varied regulatory obligations that are unique to the organization’s industry and business lines. Our courses are designed with this philosophy in mind. Students are able to learn about government expectations of compliance programs no matter what the industry and develop skills that are useful across settings, as well as study the specific regulations for the industries they are most interested in.

“The Hottest Job in America.”

The Wall Street Journal and the National Law Journal recently identified compliance as “the hottest job in America.” Compliance staffs are growing rapidly in a variety of industries, including energy, banking, higher education, and pharmaceuticals. Compliance, however, is more than just a job. It is a profession that requires specialized training and knowledge. Our graduates are well prepared to take advantage of these new opportunities in both business and health care. Loyola’s degrees, curriculum, continuing education programs, and alumni opportunities are all specifically designed to prepare our students to become highly qualified compliance professionals.

Concentrations and Certifications

Our students have the unique opportunity to earn a masters level degree in health or business law with a concentration in compliance. Students who complete 15 credits of compliance courses, including writing their thesis on a compliance topic, are eligible for this concentration. Students can choose to further focus their degree by taking a series of courses in corporate, health care, global, privacy, or clinical research compliance. A curriculum overview guide is available here.

Our students are also eligible to sit for the HCCA’s and SCCE’s Compliance Certification Board examinations to earn compliance certifications in a number of areas. Loyola also has an exclusive opportunity for our students to receive training and certification from the IAPP at a significant discount. Externships with compliance programs in the Chicago area are available to our on-campus students.

Pursuing a Compliance Degree

Compliance studies are open to students enrolled in several Loyola University Chicago degree programs, including the Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Business Law or Health Law, or Master of Laws (LLM) in Business Law or Health Law. For more information about our cutting-edge compliance degrees in health and business law, please contact our admissions team at health-law@luc.edu.