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This year the Loyola Law School community is again happy to host the Constitutional  Law Colloquium. This event will bring together some of the brightest minds in the legal academy to explore the jurisprudence, theory, and interpretation of many of the most controversial social issues. Presenters will discuss subjects like campaign finance reform, voting rights, affirmative action, gay marriage, economic welfare, government speech, collective bargaining, and much more. Abstracts are available through the hyperlinks below on this page.

Constructing a Press Clause That Actually Does Something
William D. Araiza [bio]

Constitutional dialogue between courts: the use of foreign materials by domestic courts as a symptom of the exhaustion of modern constitution’s theoretical model
Luiz Magno Pinto Bastos Junior

Ideology as a Catalyst for Principled Doctrinal Change: Hate Speech, Commercial Speech and the First Amendment
Wayne Batchis

Criminal Law and Constitutional Rights
Ariel L. Bendor [bio] & Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg [bio]

The Politics of Constitutional Certainty
Eric Berger [bio]

Which Rational Basis Test?
Josh Blackman [bio]

Does Constitutional Rhetoric Matter and If So, What Does It Do? Judicial Rhetoric and its Public Consumption in Citizens United v. FEC
Jonathan Burton-MacLeod [bio]

The New Brazilian Constitutional Court: the construction of a more democratic path for the state
Cecilia Caballero Lois [bio]

Free Exercise, the Contraceptive Mandate, and Rights of Conscience
Anthony T. Caso

Justice Roberts and the rhetoric of rebirth: calculated forgetting to purge the Judicial Guilt-Reflex
Laura A. Cisneros [bio]

Of Reason and Reasonableness
Perry Dane [bio]

Is the Mississippi River Unconstitutional? The Puzzle of Concurrent Jurisdiction over Boundary Waters Between States
Allan Erbsen [bio]

Equal Protection and Discriminatory Intent
Katie R. Eyer [bio]

Eyes in the Sky: Constitutional and Regulatory Approaches to Domestic Drone Deployment
Hillary B. Farber [bio]

Intersystems Stare Decisis: State Court Treatment of Lower Federal Court Precedent
Amanda Frost

Meta Rights
Charlotte Garden [bio]

Universal Participation
David Gartner [bio]

Protecting Free Exercise of Religion under the Indian and the United States Constitutions: The Doctrine of Essential Practices and the Centrality Test
Khagesh Gautam [bio]

Law and Religion in Colonial Connecticut
Scott D. Gerber [bio]

The Politics and Process of Pardon: Managing the Intersection Between Executive Discretion and Victim’s Rights
Mary Margaret Giannini [bio]

The People’s Will and the People’s Law
Paul Gowder [bio]

(No title given)
Tiffany C. Graham [bio]

Standing Outside of Article III
Tara Leigh Grove [bio]

Gödel’s loophole II: a comparative constitutional study
F.E. Guerra-Pujol

Liability and Remedy in Speech-Tort Jurisprudence
David Han

Race-Consciousness as Part of the Compelling Interest in Diversity
Vinay Harpalani

Plunging into Endless Difficulties
Nicole Huberfeld

French Memory Laws as a Problem of Comparative Intellectual History
Robert A. Kahn [bio]

Allen Kamp

Liberty and Equality in the Era of Assisted Reproductive Technology
Jessica Knouse [bio]

Foreign Affairs Originalism and the Kiobel Decision
Robert Knowles [bio], D.A. Jeremy Telman [bio]

Weak Judicial Review x Strong Democracy: The De-Judicilization of Politics
Katya Kozicki

Presidential Constitutionalism and Civil Rights
Joseph Landau [bio]

Copyright’s Public Forums
Jake Linford

Undoing Race? Reconciling Multiracial Identity with the Pursuit of Racial Equality
Lauren Sudeall Lucas [bio]

Silencing Race - Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1 and Arizona's Prohibition of Ethnic Studies - The Second Wave of Attack on Race Conscious Measures?
Isabel Medina [bio]

Peculiar Sacredness: Inequality Aversion and the Right to Counsel
Janet Moore [bio]

Private Public Forums
Steven R. Morrison [bio]

The Rehnquist-Roberts Court: Procedural Rulings Masking Ideological Results
Seymour Moskowitz [bio]

Fraud on the Faithful? The Charitable Intentions of Church Members and the Peculiar Nature of the Law Governing Church Property in the United States
Valerie J. Munson

Constitutional legal regulation of monetary system
V.N. Nazarov

When Government Lies: The Constitutional Implications of Government Falsehoods
Helen Norton [bio]

Failures of the New Originalism: What Sort of Document Was ''This Constitution'' Understood to Be?
Sheldon Novick

Unmediated Constitutional Adjudication
Anthony O’Rourke

Constitutional Constraints on Second Parent Laws
Jeffrey A. Parness [bio]

Process, Substance, and Constitutional Rights: The Case of the Second Amendment
Christopher J. Peters [bio]

The Campaign Finance Safeguards of Federalism
Garrick B. Pursley

The Roberts Court’s Formalism
Ofer Raban

Transparent Adjudication: Promoting Democratic Dialogue on Judicial Conceptions of Politics
Bertrall Ross

Political Process Theory and State Constitutional Mini-DOMAs
Steve Sanders [bio]

Compelling Images: The Constitutionality of Emotionally Persuasive Health Campaigns
Nadia N. Sawicki [bio]

Open Courts and Access to Justice
Steven D. Schwinn

Evaluating the Constitutionality of States’ Responses to Melendez-Diaz
Jessica Smith [bio]

Post 9/11 Constitutional Perspectives on Torture: Did the Prohibited Become the Norm?
Itai Sneh [bio]

Marbury, Departmentalism, and Non-Enforcement
Matthew Steilen [bio]

Originalism and Computer-Assisted Research Techniques
Lee J. Strang [bio]

Patriot Act and Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act
JoAnne Sweeny [bio]

New York Times v. Sullivan: Tort Rules, Speech Rules, and the Fulcrum of State Action
Cristina Carmody Tilley

Six Puzzles for Professor Akhil Amar
Seth Barrett Tillman

The Constitutional Structure of Voting Rights Enforcement
Franita Tolson [bio]

Online Privacy: First Amendment Analysis of an Opt-In Regime
Joseph A. Tomain [bio]

The Meanings of the ''Privileges & Immunities of Citizens'' on the Eve of the Civil War
David R. Upham [bio]

Is There A Constitutional Right to organize? The Demise of Collective Rights in Constitutional Law
Rebecca E. Zietlow [bio]

The ‘’Professional’’ Meaning of the Ex Post Facto Clause
Evan C. Zoldan [bio]