Loyola University Chicago

School of Law






First things first…

  • Submission of the internal externship application to Professor Gough for processing by the May 1, 2014 deadline for the summer semester and July 15, 2014 for the fall semester. Applications may be found on the website at http://www.luc.edu/law/experiential/index.shtml
  • Register for the course component on LOCUS. Use the code for the category of your placement (Government, Judicial, Professional Responsibility, etc.)
  • Sign up on your Course Instructor’s TWEN page.
  • Prepare your proposed work schedule for the externship site. Provide it to your Field Site Supervisor for his/her review and approval.
  • Prepare the student section of the Supervisor’s Agreement with goals that are important to you.  The Supervisor’s Agreement may be found on the law school website at the web address listed above.

 One month before your externship is scheduled to begin…

  • Prepare a cover letter thanking your Field Site Supervisor for the opportunity to work at the site as an Extern.  If you have not already taken care of getting the Supervisor’s Agreement completed, include a reference in that letter to the fact that you have included the Supervisor’s Agreement for his/her review and completion.  Remind your Field Site Supervisor that you will need to provide this document to your Course Instructor no later than the first day of class.
  • Determine from your Field Site Supervisor whether any additional steps must be taken before your first day of work, including background checks, security clearances, etc.
  • Check-in with your Course Instructor prior to the first day of class. Review all materials provided to you by the Course Instructor including, but not limited to her Syllabus and Schedule.
  • Conduct additional background research on the site and familiarity with the division or department you will work in during the summer.

 One week before you begin your assignment…

  • Check-in with your Field Site Supervisor. Confirm the date and time that you will arrive for your first day in the office. Ask if there are any other requirements or directives that you may be responsible for adhering to prior to beginning your assignment.
  • Read and comply with the standards of conduct articulated in the Rules Governing the Legal Profession. The rules may be found on the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois website at www.iardc.org
  • Be prepared to dress for success.
  • Update your résumé. You may need it in the course of your work at the site.
  • Keep calm…and carry on.