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Loyola announces LAI’s partnership with Narrative 4

LAI recently partnered with Narrative 4 in an effort to increase awareness of wrongful convictions and create radical empathy.

Narrative 4 is an organization whose purpose is to help people tell their stories in a new and unique way.  Narrative 4 identifies groups whose stories may not have not been heard—for example, Palestinian and Israeli teens, youth from Dublin, Ireland or the south side of Chicago—and allows them to share their story with someone who then re-tells it as their own. This method of storytelling creates compassion on a level that is unlikely to be achieved through typical conversation.

We were honored to be a part of Narrative 4’s launch event here in Chicago in June. At this event, international bestselling author Colum McCann read a story by LAI client Antoine Day about his wrongful imprisonment. And Sting—yes, that Sting—shared a story about how he was inspired by his father’s humble beginnings.

McCann, telling Antoine’s story, told the packed auditorium, “It was high security, that means very, very violent inmates. Mostly murderers and rapists. It’s a strange thing to be innocent in a place like this. I was 28 years old when I was convicted, and I had a life, but it was all stolen from me in prison.” The story, however, was not just about the horrors of prison life; it was also about Antoine’s love of music and his effort to reignite his passion within the confines of the

Pontiac Correctional Center. McCann’s reading of Antoine’s story received a resounding applause.  

Narrative 4 is an excellent platform for our clients to share stories about the challenges that they faced and continue to face as a result of their wrongful convictions. Thus far, story exchanges have been primarily between groups of teenagers. The exonerees will be one of the first adult groups to work with the organization. We are thrilled about this partnership and are looking forward to the next event with Narrative 4. To learn more about Narrative 4, visit www.narrative4.com.