Loyola University Chicago


School of Law

Certificate in International Law and Practice

In order to earn the Certificate in International Law and Practice, students must fulfill several requirements in order to demonstrate their commitment to and mastery of this area of law, including:

  1. Successful completion of any two of the following courses:
  2. Successful completion of a total of 14 credits in the areas of international and comparative law. In addition to the two required courses, students may choose from any course on the law school’s list of courses in international and comparative law, available at LUC.edu/law/registrar/registration/courses/international.html. All courses in the Loyola-sponsored summer study abroad programs may also be used to fulfill this requirement.

    Students may also earn credit toward this requirement in the following ways:
    • Participation on the Jessup, or Vis competition teams.
    • Participation in the London Comparative Advocacy Program.
    • Independent research or directed study in the area of international or comparative law (by approval only).
    • Other international and comparative law courses (by approval only)
  3. Eleven of the 14 credit hours must be graded credit.
  4. A grade point average in these courses of at least 3.0.

To download an application for the certificate program, click here.