Loyola University Chicago


School of Law


Good Standing

In order to remain in good standing and be eligible to continue in the program, a student must:

(a) have attained an average of at least 1.75 at the end of the first semester of the first year;

(b) after the completion of every semester thereafter, maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0; and

(c) not receive a grade of “F” or “WF” in more than three courses during residence in the School of Law.

Grade Availability

All Fall and Spring grades are available four weeks after the last final examination of the semester. Senior Fall and Spring grades will become available two weeks after the last final examination of the semester. All Summer grades are due by the last day of the Summer semester.

Non-Graded (pass/no pass)

No more than twelve ungraded semester hours may be counted towards the graduation requirement and no more than six ungraded semester hours may be accumulated in any one activity, such as Externships, Directed Study, and Independent Research. The credits will be included in the total number of hours earned toward graduation, but will not enter into the computation of cumulative grade point average.


Students will be awarded a grade for each course at its conclusion. In extenuating circumstances the faculty member, in consultation with the Dean’s Office, may grant a time extension and withhold a final grade, enter no grade, or enter the equivalent of an incomplete grade. The faculty member and the Dean’s Office will determine a deadline for completion of assignments and/or exams necessary to award a final grade. If the student does not complete assignments and/or exams by the deadline, or the faculty member does not enter a final grade by the last day of classes in the succeeding semester, a final grade of “WF” (Withdrawal Failing) will be entered. If permitted a time extension for extenuating circumstances, it shall be the responsibility of the student to be proactive and complete all assignments and/or examinations as directed.


A grade of “W” indicates official withdrawal with permission from a course during the allowed withdrawal period. (See Withdrawal and Schedule Change Calendar) The grade of “W” is not counted in computation of academic standing as either attempted or earned credit hours, nor calculated in the grade point average. A grade of “WF” is assigned for withdrawal after the approval deadline. A course with “WF” is counted as attempted credit hours in the computation of academic standing and is calculated as an “F” (0 credit points) in the grade point average.

Auditing Classes

Students wishing to take a course without receiving credit may audit the course, for which applicable tuition will be charged. Class attendance is required of auditors and a final grade of “AU” will be assigned. If they do not attend class, the final grade of “W” will be assigned. Assignments, including examinations and term papers, are not required, but auditors have the right to participate in class discussion. A course that is audited does not count as hours attempted. Required courses may not be converted to Audit status.

Grade Scale

Letter GradePoints per Semester Hour
A 4.0 points per semester hour
A- 3.67 points per semester hour
B+ 3.33 points per semester hour
B 3.0 points per semester hour
B- 2.67 points per semester hour
C+ 2.33 points per semester hour
C 2.0 points per semester hour
C- 1.67 points per semester hour
D+ 1.33 points per semester hour
D 1.0 points per semester hour
F 0.0 points per semester hour
WF 0 points per semester hour
CR 0 points per semester hour
NC 0 points per semester hour

Grade Curve

The faculty has adopted an official grade curve for the school. The purpose of the official curve is to allow members of the faculty to reward students appropriately for their performance and to call attention to those students in apparent need of assistance. The adopted policy also provides for a teacher's ability to deviate from the official grade curve upon a documented showing of an appropriate reason to do so.

The official grade curve is:

Letter GradeCurve
A 5–10%
A- 5–15%
B+ 10–20%
B 20–30%
B- 10–25%
C+ 10–25%
C 5–20%
C- 0–10%
D+ 0–10%
D 0–10%
F 0–5%

The curve applies to all courses with an enrollment of 25 or more, with the exception of Perspective Electives, Trial Practice I, Trial Practice II, ChildLaw Trial Practice, the Business Law Center Clinic and Seminar, the Child and Family Law Clinic, the Community Law Center Clinic, Federal Tax Clinic and the Externships.

In courses of 25 or more students and containing both JD and graduate (MJ and LLM) students, the following rules will apply: (1) If 25% or more of the total students are graduate students, the grade curve will apply to the JD students only. (Teachers can grade all the students together, then separate out the JD students for purposes of applying the grade curve.) (2) If fewer than 25% of the total students are graduate students, the grade curve will apply to the entire class.