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Moot Court Awards and Honors (2004-2005)

2005 Illinois Appellate Lawyers Association Midwest Moot Court Competition

Competition Champions, Best Brief Award

Susan Berman

Carolyn Cox

2005 Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition

Regional Champions, National Finalists

Lisa Ellison

Dorothy Ward

2005 Evan A. Evans

Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Competition Finalists, Second Place Respondent Brief, Fifth Place Oralist

Carly Berard

Mark Criniti

Team 2: Competition Quarterfinalists, Second Place Petitioner Brief

Robby Boroff and Brian Bare of Loyola Chicago

2005 HNBA National Moot Court Competition

Competition Finalists

April Gonzales

Mariateresa Schiappa

2004 Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Competition Semi-finalists, Best Oralist

Amanda Baker

Michael Brownfield - Best Oralist

Andrew Sperry

Team 2:

Rae Williamson

James Ashley Woods

2005 Giles Sutherland Rich Intellectual Property

Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Competition Semi-finalists

James Gillingham

Kristi Hinner

Team 2:

Patrick Lambe

Ann Meckstroth

2004 National Health Law Competition

Team 1: Competition Semi-finalists

Tanya Dworkin

Sharalyn Merritt

Team 2:

Edward Fluet

Fatema Singaporewala

2004-2005 Niagara International Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Second Place Memorial

Laura Milnichuk

Nancy Nemeth

Team 2:

Sara Gadola

Bridget Longoria


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