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School of Law

Moot Court Awards and Honors (2007-2008)

2007-2008 New York Bar Association

National Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Champions, Best Brief, National Quarterfinalists

Laura Mallory

Joy Park

Peter Senechalle

Team 2: Regional Quarterfinalists

Matt MacKenzie

Jared Hasten

Kyle Stone

2007 Thomas Tang National Moot Court Competition

Team 1: National Champions, National Best Oralist, Regional Champions,

Regional Best Oralist, Regional 2nd Place Oralist, Regional Best Brief (tie)

Huda Krad - Regional Best Oralist, National Best Oralist

Caroline Kwak - Regional 2nd Place Oralist

Team 2: Regional Finalists, Regional Best Brief (tie), National Quarterfinalists

Animesh Ravani

Michael Yuan

2008 American Bar Association

National Appellate Advocacy Competition

Team 1: Regional Champions, Regional Brief Award, Advanced to National

Competition, National Oralist Award

Michael Baniak

Chenin Kilduff - 9th Place Oralist, National Rounds

James Schiff

Team 2: Finished in Top 10 Teams at Regional Competition, Regional Brief Award

Natalie Eschbach

Jackie Fellows

Josh Traeger

2008 Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition

Regional Champions, National Quarterfinalists

Doanld Cole

Marshall James

2007-2008 Giles Sutherland Rich Intellectual Property

Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Finalist, National Quarterfinalist

Tiffany Gehrke

Team 2: Regional Semi-finalists, Regional Best Oralists

Jonathan Frielich - Best Oralist

Shougher Merchant - Best Oralist

2008 Herbert Wechsler National Criminal Law

Moot Court Competition

Best Brief, Competition Semi-finalists, 4th Place Oralist

Jessica Garrity - 4th Place Oralist

Adam Guetzow

2007 Evan A. Evans Constitutional Law

Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Best Oralist, Competition Quarterfinalists

Lee Roupas - Best Oralist

Meredith Nelson

Team 2: Quarterfinalists, Second Place Respondent Brief

Jim Thomas

Michael Viglione

2007-2008 Philip C. Jessup International Law

Moot Court Competition

Competition Quarterfinalists, 3rd Place Brief

Matthew Adair

Aruna Subramanian

Jim Weiler

2008 National Child Welfare and Adoption Law

Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Competition Quarterfinalists, 4th Place Oralist, 5th Place Oralist

Amber Curl - 4th Place Oralist

Bob Kunkel - 5th Place Oralist

Team 2: Competition Octo-finalists, 9th Place Oralist

Sara Eber

Steve Mulligan - 9th Place Oralist

2007 National Health Law Competition

Team 1: Second Place Oralist, Competition Octofinalists

Joe Preiser

Amanda Stern - Second Place Oralist

Team 2: Competition Octofinalists, Seventh Place Oralist

Nikki Churhill - Seventh Place Oralist

Joe Preiser

2007 Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Competition Octofinalists

Charlotte Huffman

Lee Laudicina

Jon Topolewski

Team 2: Competition Octofinalists

John Grivner

Erin Kennedy

Beth Prendergast

2008 Robert F. Wagner Labor & Employment

Moot Court Competition

Competition Octo-finalists

Isabel Lazar

Matt Dolan

2008 HNBA National Moot Court Competition

4th Place Oralist

Elizabeth Cebula

Ana Maria Echiburu

Carlos Isaac - 4th Place Oralist