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Past Wing-Tat Lee Lectureship in International and Comparative Law Speakers

1987-88 The Honorable Thomas Buergenthal, Judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, San Jose, Costa Rica
"The New International Human Rights Law" (3/3/88) and
"The Inter-American Court of Human Rights" (3/4/88)
1988-89 Professor Amos Shapira, Dean of Tel Aviv Law School, Israel
"Normative Control of Reproductive Technologies in Israel" (9/__/88)

Professor David Price, Leicester Polytechnic,
United Kingdom
"The Recent Crisis in the British National Health Service: Real or Perceived?" (1/26/89)

Mr. Steven Kon, solicitor and author, London,
United Kingdom
"The Impact of 1992 in the EEC upon U.S. Businesses
and their Lawyers" (3/2/89)

Dr. Fred Parkinson, University of London, United Kingdom
"The Legal Framework of the International Debt Crisis" (4/19/89)

1989-90 Professor David Evans, Reading University, United Kingdom
"Implications of the European Community's Unification in 1992 on U.S. Lawyers and Law Schools" (9/6 and 7/90)
1990-91 The Honorable Stephen M. Schwebel, Judge of the International Court of Justice, The Hague, The Netherlands
"The Performance and Prospects of the
World Court" (10/15/90) and
"Human Rights in the World Court" (10/16/90)
1991-92 Dr. Peter Kresak, Vice Dean, Faculty of Law,
Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
(The Czech and Slovak Federal Republics)
"Constitutional Development and Legal Education
in Czechoslovakia" (9/10/91)

Dr. Andrej Mania, Vice Dean, Faculty of Law,
Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

Professor Vojtech Cepl, Vice Dean, Faculty of Law, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (The Czech and Slovak Federal Republic)

1993-94 Dr. Jose Cordero Acosta, University of Azuay, Ecuador
"___" (10/26/93)

Gilbert S. Sharpe, Director of Legal Services,
Ministry of Health, Province of Ontario, Canada
"Health Care Reform in Canada and the United States (4/6/94)

1994-95 Gilbert S. Sharpe, Director of Legal Services,
Ministry of Health, Province of Ontario, Canada
"Using the Law To Safeguard the Mentally Ill"
1995-96 Prof. David Clark, University of Tulsa College of Law
"The Return of the Global Law School" (4/10/96)
1996-97 Prof. Eleanor Fox, New York University School of Law
"Globalization and Its Effects on Law and Society? Through the Windows of Anti-Trust" (3/19/97)
1997-98 Prof. Tahirih Lee, University of Minnesota Law School
"Mixing River Water and Well Water: The Legal Harmonization of Hong Kong and China" (4/2/98)
1999-00 Prof. Spencer Weber Waller, Brooklyn Law School
"Bringing Globalization Home: Lessons from Antitrust
and Beyond" (3/22/00)
2001-02 Prof. Thomas M. Franck, New York University
School of Law
"Interpretation and Change in the Law of Humanitarian Intervention" (4/17/02)
2003-04 Prof. Jeffrey M. Brown, Northern Illinois University
College of Law
"Beyond the Racial Event Horizon: Understanding the Global Dimensions of the Reparations for Slavery Movement" (3/24/04)
2004-05 Prof. Ronald A. Brand, University of Pittsburgh
School of Law
"The European Union's New Role in International Private Litigation" (1/26/05)
2005-06 Prof. Richard B. Bilder
Foley & Lardner Emeritus Professor of Law
University of Wisconsin Law School
"On Being an International Lawyer"

Dean Bryan Garth
Southwestern Law School
"Rebuilding International Law After the 9/11 Assault"


Prof. Stephen Zamora
University of Houston Law Center
"NAFTA's Missing Social Charter: Confronting the Social Welfare Repercussions of Economic Integration."

2008-09 Richard J. Goldstone
"The Future of International Criminal Justice"