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Faculty Advisor: Professor Sacha Coupet

OUTLaw is the voice for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, and queer law students, faculty members, and their allies at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Founded in the Fall of 2006, OUTLaw is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for LGBTQ law students and faculty, and advocating for issues that are specific to the LGBTQ community both within the law school and the greater legal community.

2015-2016 OUTlaw Executive Board

President - Gavin Quinn   (gquinn1@luc.edu)
Vice President - Juliane Johnson
Secretary - Ara Kernan
Bar Association Liaison - Eric (Max) Senn

Community Links

Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago - www.chilagbac.org

Lambda Legal Defense - www.lambdalegal.org

ACLU - www.aclu.org

Human Rights Campaign - www.hrc.org

Marriage Equality - www.marriageequality.org

Gay and Lesbian Advocate Defenders (GLAD) - www.glad.org

Lavender Law - www.lavenderlaw.org

 Equality Illinois - www.equalityillinois.org

Gender Advocates - www.genderadvocates.org

National Lesbian and Gay Law Association - www.nlgla.org

Area LGBT Law Student Groups

University of Chicago OutLaw: http://outlaw.uchicago.edu/

Northwestern OUTLaw: www.law.northwestern.edu/lga/

Chicago-Kent Lambdas: www.kentlaw.edu/student_orgs/lambda/

DePaul Outlaws: http://www.law.depaul.edu/student_life/student_activities/orgs_journals_detail.asp?id=161

John Marshall OUTLaw: http://www.jmls.edu/students/organizations/outlaw/