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Past ILR Symposiums

The 2013 symposium addressed "The International Impact of Extractive Industries."

The 2012 symposium addressed "U.S. Impact on International Commercial Arbitration: Positive or Negative?."

The 2011 symposium addressed "The Laws of War: International Conflict and the Global War on Terror."

The 2010 symposium addressed the "International Criminal Court: Its Current and Future Impact on International War Crimes and Gross Violations of Human Rights."

The 2009 symposium addressed "International Environmental Law: Concerns and Solutions for Corporations and Practitioners."

The 2008 symposium addressed "WTO Law and Practice: The State of the Discipline."

The 2007 symposium addressed "The Rule of Law and Delivering Justice in Africa."

The 2006 symposium addressed "Emerging Legal Issues in China."

The 2005 symposium addressed "International Migration: Examining the Legal Implications in a Global Society."

The 2004 symposium addressed "Free Trade Area of the Americas: The Implications of a Hemispheric Marketplace."

The initial symposium in 2003 addressed "European Union Enlargement Eastward: Welcoming Prosperity and Change."