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Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

Lets talk ELP! 

ELP is a leadership development program that provides a space for students who are a newer to the leadership process at Loyola University Chicago to have in depth conversations about the foundations of leadership, justice, and campus involvement. ELP uses a cohort-based model to develop community among participants who meet seven times throughout the fall semester. By participating in the program students will have the opportunity to engage in the leadership process through experiential learning activities and group discussions.

The Emerging Leaders at Loyola:

  1. Wish to explore their personal philosophy of leadership
  2. Want to develop effective skills to work in teams
  3. Want to become a leader in the fight to create positive social change 

What you'll learn:

As a result of participating in the Emerging Leaders Program, students will be able to:

  • Describe the knowledge and skills they have gained that relate to values of the Social Change Model of Leadership
  • Develop and articulate a higher level of self-efficacy in their ability to engage in opportunities for leadership development
  • Build and sustain relationships with peers and/or staff in order to gain resources and support towards their involvement opportunities at Loyola and the surrounding community
  • Articulate what they have learned about themselves, others, and systems that contributes to the development of multicultural competence


Here are some of the things students have said about participating in ELP:

  • “ELP has been an amazing experience for me! ELP has helped me gain confidence in sharing my experiences. Also, highlighting my strengths has been extremely helpful.”
  • “I feel like I have learned more about myself and have become more comfortable sharing with others and have improved my leadership style.”
  • “I was able to learn more about myself through my identity as well as through my strengths that can be applied to leadership.”
  • “I’ve learned a ton about leadership at Loyola and I’ve met some really great people.”

Want to join ELP?

ELP is a one semester Fall program that meets bi-weekly every Wednesday OR Thursday from 5-6:30PM.  For more information, please contact our Program Coordinator