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Spring 2012 Schedule

Although it is not required to RSVP in advance, we encourage students to do so if possible, because it helps us with our planning. You can RSVP by emailing leadership@luc.edu or by joining our Facebook group (LUC Student Leadership Development) and accepting invitations to our workshops and programs.

   General Information about the Certificate Program

Students are welcome to participate in as many workshops as fit their interests and schedules. For students interested in earning a Certificate in Leadership Development, which can be noted on a resume, please click on the "Earn a SLD Certificate" link (on the right side of the screen). The schedule of workshop titles and dates is listed here and below that is the full description for each workshop. Students completing the requirements to earn the Certificate should note that events listed below with an asterick (*) are not considered to be "elective workshops".

   See detailed program descriptions below, following the spring 2012 schedule. Events listed below are workshops unless otherwise stated. 

Coach Herman Boone ("Remember the Titans" - Program) - Saturday, 1/21 * 8:00 - 10:00pm * Galvin Auditorium (co-sponsored with Student Activities and Greek Affairs)

Using YOUR Passions to Change the World! - Tuesday, 1/24 * 7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan LSB 312

Student Leadership Institute (Conference) - Saturday, 1/28 * 9:00am - 3:45pm * Simpson MPR 

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration (Program) - Wednesday, 2/1 (two separate events - see below for more information about this event sponsored by Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and WTC Life)

Leadership Foundations (Core Workshop) - Tuesday, 2/7 * 7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan LSB 312

The Call to Act: Values and Ethical Leadership - Wednesday, 2/8 *  7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan LSB 312 

Ignation Pedagogy: The Justice Circle - Wednesday, 2/15 * 7:00 - 8:30pm * CFSU Bremner Lounge

Being R.E.A.L. (Relational, Ethical, Authentic Leaders) (Core Workshop) - Thursday, 2/16 *  7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan LSB 312 

Marketing: A Business Word in a University World - Tuesday, 2/21 * 7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan LSB 312 

The Power of Networking and Leadership - Wednesday, 2/22 * 7:00 - 8:30pm * Corboy Law Center 727 (WTC)

Choice Theory and Leadership - Monday, 3/12 * 7:00 - 8:30pm * Regis MPR

The People's Institute (Retreat) - March 16 to 18 at LUREC (co-sponsored with Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs)

Exploring the Influence of Identity on Leadership - Tuesday, 3/20 * 7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan LSB 312 

Effective Self-Marketing: Knowing and Communicating your Leadership Skills, Experiences, and Values - Wednesday, 3/28 *  7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan LSB 312

Leadership and Action (Core Workshop) - T uesday, 4/3 * 7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan Life Science 312

How and Why to Get "Linked In" - Tuesday, 4/17 *  7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan LSB 312

Effective Communication Skills - Wednesday, 4/18 *  7:00 - 8:30pm * Quinlan LSB 312

End of Year Student Leadership Development Celebration (Program): Friday, 4/27 * 5:00 - 6:30pm * Crown Center lobby  

         Workshop and Program Descriptions

Coach Herman Boone (Speaker hosted by Student Activities and Greek Affairs): Seen Remember the Titans? Come hear from the real Coach Herman Boone on the experiences and events that made his story the hit Disney movie. Herman Boone will speak on his life, coaching the Titans, and leadership on and off the field. Don’t miss this once a lifetime speaking event! Free t-shirt for the first 75 students!! This event is co-sponsored by Student Leadership Development, and is part of Spirit Week, which is brought to you by Student Activities and Greek Affairs. *** This program is considered an "elective workshop" for students in the process of earning the Certificate in Leadership Development.

Using YOUR Passions to Change the World! (Lauren Schwer, Loyola Retreats, Campus Ministry): Do you have a desire to serve others and aren’t sure how the best way to do that is?  Have you ever tried a type of service and not had the experience you expected or desired?  Examining personal narratives and physical responses to experiences gives us insight as to what we are called to do in our lives.  Join us for a look at how to use your own story, interests and passions in determining how you contribute to making our world a better place.

6th Annual Student Leadership Institute: This one-day conference brings together Loyola students who are interested in further developing their leadership skills, networking, and connecting with others to build a better tomorrow. The conference will begin at Simpson MPR with breakfast and registration at 9am and will end by 3:45pm. Registration is not required, but is encouraged in order to secure a spot at this popular event. To register for SLI 2012 or for more information, please email leadership@luc.edu. More information can be found at luc.edu/leadership/sli

Leadership Foundations (Core Workshop) (Shannon Howes, Student Leadership Development):  This workshop will expose students to various models, theories and historical perspectives of leadership. Students will be encouraged to critically evaluate these approaches and to engage in discussions around leadership as a socially constructed phenomenon. Through activities and conversations, students will explore what leadership means to them. They will also reflect on how this understanding impacts the way in which they engage in the leadership process.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration 2012: Hear from author, poet, professor and activist, Nikki Giovanni, during two separate events:
* Luncheon with Speaker: 12:00 - 1:30pm at Kasbeer Hall, 25 E. Pearson, Water Tower Campus
* Keynote Lecture: 6:00 - 8:00pm at Lake Shore Campus (location TBA)
These events are sponsored by the Department of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, and Water Tower Campus Life. No registration is necessary for either event but please arrive early as space is limited. *** This program is considered an "elective workshop" for students in the process of earning the Certificate in Leadership Development.

The Call to Act: Values and Ethical Leadership (Katie Rutkowski and Ray Tennison, Residence Life): In a world where corruption and scandal seems commonplace, it is increasingly difficult to identify and stay true to our core values.  As ethical leaders on our campus, we’re called not only to know our core values, but also to have the courage to act on them in challenging times.  Come explore your own values and put them into practice as we discuss ethical scenarios, large and small, that any student leader may encounter in their role.    

Ignation Pedagogy: The Justice Circle (Megan Barry, Center for Community Service and Action): This cyclical process encompasses the Affective, Intellectual and Practical components of a Commitment to Justice.  It is closely aligned with the Praxis Spiral Model of reflection or the see, judge, act approach that grew out of liberation theology: experience, reflection and action (see, judge, act). Come to this workshop to learn more!

Being R.E.A.L. (Relational, Ethical, Authentic Leaders) (Matthew "Jake" Jacobson, Campus Ministry): Loyola University's Ignation values provide the context for this workshop, in the sense that we are called to care for the whole person and to prepare students to be men and women for others. By exploring what it means to be "REAL", students will reflect on their personal values as they relate to leadership, discuss ethical approaches to leadership, and consider leadership as a collaborative, inclusive process.

Marketing: A Business Word in a University World (Kimberly Moore, Student Activities and Greek Affairs): If you plan it, will they come? Student leaders and student organizations work long, dedicated hours preparing and planning student programs, but are sometimes met with disappointing turnouts. Often times it is chalked up to apathy, but what if it was the marketing that was the problem? This presentation will discuss how marketing can be the key planning element of a successful program.

The Power of Networking and Leadership (Joe Saucedo, Residence Life): It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know! Whether you are searching for the right job or planning the next community service project, it is helpful to know people who can provide you support. This workshop explores the truth about social networking and the ways in which building healthy relationships with people can build you up as a leader.

Choice Theory and Leadership (Joey Salloum, Student Leader, & Shannon Howes, Student Leadership Development): Explore your values and examine perceptions of leadership. Learn how our choices can impact the way we interact with one another, define our style of leadership, and promote greater awareness of how we can develop ourselves into better leaders, everyday.

The People's Institute (Retreat): To empower students to explore and reflect upon the interconnection between leadership and social justice. In the spirit of Jesuit education, The People’s Institute (TPI) is an exciting leadership opportunity for students at Loyola University Chicago.  This program is designed to raise awareness, examine privilege and responsibility, and learn skills to create positive social change.

Exploring the Influence of Identity on Leadership (Jason Chan, Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs): “Who am I?” A simple question, yet one that’s not so easy to answer. What makes up your identity? How do your backgrounds and experiences shape your values, perspectives, and behaviors? All of us are more complex than the conventional “boxes” we’re often placed in. Gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, class – how do these and other identities combine to shape who we are as individuals and as leaders? Come explore the notion of “identity” and its influence on your leadership style.

Effective Self-Marketing: Knowing and Communicating your Leadership Skills, Experiences, and Values (Kathryn Jackson, Center for Experiential Learning): You believe the experiences you have gained as a leader, intern, and student employee make you an asset to any organization—but how do you make sure future employers and internship sites realize that? Your skill sets are worthless if you cannot communicate them in your resume, portfolios and interviews. This workshop will help you identify your current skill sets so that you can effectively market yourself for future interviews, internship searches, and/or post-graduate opportunities.

Leadership and Action (Domonic Rollins, Residence Life): This workshop engages students in conversations around leadership for the promotion of positive social change and the promotion of social justice. The goals are to support understanding of complex issues, and to empower students in their development as agendts of positive change.

How and Why to Get "Linked In" (Kathryn Jackson, Center for Experiential Learning): LinkedIn was developed by computer programmers using a unique algorithm that is the on-line version of 6 degrees of separation (or, depending on your interests, The Kevin Bacon Game). The beauty of LinkedIn is that it while it expands your network it can also help you establish your professional brand! Learn about the 10 reasons YOU should be using LinkedIn and how it can help you present your expertise to the world in ways that are useful, valuable and professional.

Effective Communication (Dana Broadnax, Office of Conduct and Conflict Resolution): 
Listening requires more than our ability to hear. What we say is more than the words we speak. We all read in between the lines of what's written. Our messaging defines us. What are you telling others? Effective communication requires a self-awareness, self-control, and an active understanding of purpose and audience. This workshop allows students to explore communication models, their own communication behavior, and improve their ability to demonstrate effective conflict resolution skills.

2011-2012 Leadership Banquet: Join the Student Leadership Development staff for dinner and a study break as we celebrate our year together. Re-unite with students you met during the LEAD retreat, workshops, the Student Leadership Instutute, The People's Institute, and other programs. Students earning the Certificate in Leadership Development this year will be recognized. The banquet will be held on April 27th from 5:00-6:30pm in Crown Center Lobby. All are welcome, regardless of involvement in SLD - please come to celebrate your achievements in the program thus far or to learn more about opportunities that our office offers!

More workshops may be added throughout the semester. Updates will be sent through the Leadership Link electronic newsletter and will be reflected here. To sign up for the Leadership Link, please email leadership@luc.edu.


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