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Spring 2015 Workshops and Events

Included below are programs coordinated by Student Leadership Development, and Social Justice Dinner Dialogues (SJDDs), which are coordinated by Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs. If you have any questions about the SJDDs please contact Devita Bishundat at dbishundat@luc.edu

Students who wish to complete the requirements to earn the Certificate in Leadership Development can consider any of the following programs as elective workshops other than those noted as core workshops. Please contact Shannon Howes at showes1@luc.edu for more information.


Leadership in Action (core workshop)

Wednesday, 3/11 * 6:00-7:30pm * Cuneo Hall 104

This workshop engages students in conversations around leadership for the promotion of positive social change and the promotion of social justice. The goals are to support understanding of complex issues, and to empower students in their development as agents of positive change.

Social Justice Dinner Dialogue: The Digital Divide = The Demands of Human Dignity and Social Justice in a Technocentric Age

Thursday, 3/12 * 5:00-7:00pm * Regis MPR

As smart phones, social media and wireless internet access connect us to the digital world, they provide opportunities for greater connection to the rest of humanity and creative ways to advocate for justice. However, for every story hailing Twitter’s role in the Arab Spring, there is another story exposing the anti-social consequences of social media overuse.  Is social media the new face of the advocacy, or is technocentrism destroying our capacity to see human dignity? Come learn about slacktivism, the digital divide, and how you can be more just in your digital—and real—life. Facilitated by Susan Haarman & Oliver Goodrich.

Leadership Exchange: Creating Social Change

Tuesday, 3/24 * 5:00 - 6:30pm * Damen Student Center 216  

Have you ever wondered how to put your leadership skills into practice when you leave Loyola?  Discuss with your peers ways to continue your journey of leadership while reaffirming your skills and values related to creating positive change. Although students are welcome to attend without contacting us in advance, because we want to order enough food, we reccommend that students RSVP at least 48 hours in advance by contacting Katerina Reilly at kreilly5@luc.edu  

Social Justice Dinner Dialogue: Understanding the Autism Spectrum

Thursday, 4/9 * 5:00-7:00pm * Regis MPR

In order to highlight the growing need for concern and awareness about autism, the Autism Society has been celebrating April as National Autism Awareness Month since the 1970s. Join SSWD in celebrating this student population. We will be discussing issues that face this growing population, as well as addressing the following: What is Autism; Stereotypes; How we can be advocates for this underrepresented/marginalized population; Hear from students. Facilitated by Rebecca Ramirez-Malagon, Katie Tappel, & Andrew Hrvol.‌‌

Workshops and Programs from Earlier in the Semester

Social Justice Dinner Dialogue: Be Brave Enough to Set the World on Fire 

Thursday, 1/15 * 5:00-7:00pm * IES 123/124 (San Francisco Hall)

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." ~ Jimmy Johnson.  What are your radical ideas to change the world? What's stopping you from making those ideas a reality? The world needs you.  Join us for dinner, an inspiring group conversation about people who ARE changing the world, and an opportunity to share your own social change ideas. Facilitated by 2 Loyola MSW students, this interactive presentation will broadly cover major domestic social justice issues and the original and creative ways people have gone about alleviating these huge problems. Facilitated by Natalie A. Hock & Christine Flynn

Leadership Exchange: Gratitude, Positivity, and Leadership

Tuesday, 1/27 * 5:00 - 6:30pm * Damen Student Center 216  

Join us for dinner and dialogue to explore the connections between leadership and positivity. Reflect on mindfulness, gratitude, and those who have helped you become successful, for a more positive you! Although students are welcome to attend without contacting us in advance, because space is limited and we want to order enough food, we reccommend that students RSVP at least 48 hours in advance by contacting Katerina Reilly at kreilly5@luc.edu

Leadership Development Workshop: Leadership Foundations (Core workshop)

Wednesday, 1/28 * 7:00 - 8:30pm * Cuneo Hall 104

This workshop will expose students to various models, theories and historical perspectives of leadership. Students will be encouraged to critically evaluate these approaches and to engage in discussions around leadership as a socially constructed phenomenon. Through activities and conversations, students will explore what leadership means to them. They will also reflect on how this understanding impacts the way in which they engage in the leadership process.

Leadership Exchange: Constructively Managing Controversy as Leaders

Tuesday, 2/10 * 5:00 - 6:30pm * Damen Student Center 216  

Effective leadership involves teamwork, and the consideration of multiple perspectives.  Come to an evening of dinner and discussion with peers to reflect on the process of acknowledging controversy, and handling it constructively. Although students are welcome to attend without contacting us in advance, because we want to order enough food, we reccommend that students RSVP at least 48 hours in advance by contacting Katerina Reilly at kreilly5@luc.edu       

Social Justice Dinner Dialogue: Understanding White Privilege: A Journey in Solidarity with Other Identities

Thursday, 2/12 * 5:00-7:00pm * Regis MPR

By hosting a Social Justice Dinner Dialogue, Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness, a progressive cohort of self-identified White students, hopes to create an open space for Loyola students of all racial identities to discuss the interactions of individuals as a part of a particular race. The focus of this dialogue is to encourage and empower students of all racial identities to consider their privileges and how their privileges influence daily life and interactions with others. Facilitated by Conrad Stasieluk, Angee Serwin & Kelsey McClear.

Be the Change Week - February 16-20

Please see the full schedule at http://www.luc.edu/leadership/programs/bethechangeweek/ for more information

Building Inclusive Leadership

Tuesday, 2/24 * 7:00-8:30pm * Cuneo 109

Have you ever thought about how your social identities affect how you are perceived as a leader?  For students who would like to further explore the intersections of leadership and multiculturalism, this workshop is designed to consider the various social identities you hold and reflect on how they may relate to your leadership style.  Students will explore how to represent their social justice mission and values through their leadership by participating in activities and dialogue. Facilitated by Moira Phippen & Danielle Sullivan.   

The Call to Leadership

Wednesday, 2/25 * 6:00-7:30pm * Damen Student Center 216

“Is there then such a thing as a call to lead — an experience of a ‘powerful, magnetic force’ around the act of breaking down the status quo and bringing on the possibilities?”-Dan Oestreich. What is your call to leadership? What do you stand up for, when everyone else is sitting down? This workshop assists students in understanding leadership as a calling, challenges them to discover their call to leadership, and explains how to facilitate this discovery in others. 


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