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Spring 2014 Workshops and Events


Keep Calm & Ramble On: Managing Conflict as Leaders

7-8:30pm | January 29th | Quinlan Life Science Building 312

Got conflict? Who does’t? Join us for a fun, interactive workshop to learn how to “keep calm and ramble on.” In other words, you’ll learn how to manage conflict in a productive way so you can be a more effective leader! You will discover your conflict style; identify your strengths and areas of growth; learn conflict management skills; and have a chance to practice working through conflict before it comes up in real life.

Facilitator: Jessica Ands

As Coordinator in the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, Jessica hears cases of alleged student misconduct and is excited to further develop the office’s conflict resolution resources. She earned her B.A. from John Carroll University and M.A. from the University of Cincinnati. Before coming to Loyola, Jessica served as a mediator in UC’s Office of the University Ombuds and then worked in Student Affairs with the graduate business students at Case Western Reserve University, coordinating aspects of the student experience from orientation to graduation and everything in between. Jessica is passionate about student learning and development and committed to social justice.

Interfaith Ally Training Part 1: Religious Literacy*

7:30-9pm | February 11th | Cuneo Hall 206

Ever wonder why someone wears a hijab or a yarmulke? Or why some faith traditions don’t eat meat? Join the Interfaith Advocates for a brief tutorial of the major faith traditions seen on our campus and how to better understand your friends, classmates, and peers because our world is filled with many faith traditions and understanding the beauty of these traditions can take time. This workshop will help you begin that journey.

Facilitators: Sara Hammer, Tahseen Khaleel, Alyson Sandler, and Brian Anderson

Sara Hammer is a junior majoring in Biology and Spanish. She identifies as Jewish and has been extremely active with Global Medical Brigades while at Loyola.

Tahseen Khaleel is a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in English. She is Muslim and started her interfaith work during her sophomore year at Loyola, and loves being able to work with others to encourage interfaith collaboration and education at Loyola University Chicago.

Aly Sandler is a senior majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice, with a minor in Islamic World Studies. She is Jewish, and comes from an interfaith background. She has been involved in interfaith work throughout her time at Loyola, and is excited to be sharing her passion for interfaith cooperation and education with other members of the Loyola community!

Brian Anderson works in Campus Ministry as the Interfaith Campus Minister. He has been on staff for 2 years working with our Interfaith Advocate team and developing ways for students on campus to enter into safe spaces for dialogue around their faith and spiritual identities. When not working you can find him running, gardening, or enjoying a good book in his hammock!

Interfaith Ally Training Part 2: Ally Skills Development*

7:30-9pm | February 18th | Cuneo Hall 206

In the second part of the Interfaith Ally Training, we will focus on the many different identities that we own through the lens of faith and spirituality. Then we will break down how those identities can be used to advocate on behalf of those in our community. We see inaccurate statements on the news; we overhear them in the hallways and sidewalks; but we don’t always know what to do about it. In this workshop you’ll learn technics on how to help your friends out when their faith is under attack.

Facilitators: Sara Hammer, Tahseen Khaleel, Alyson Sandler, and Brian Anderson(bios can be found above)

Let’s Think for a Minute: Practicing Leadership as an Introvert

7-8:30pm | February 26th | Quinlan Life Science Building 312

In an American society that values charismatic personalities, introverts often receive the message that leadership is meant only for the extroverts among us. This may lead to an inauthentic attempt to behave like an “introvert in extroverts’ clothing” or, worse, could dissuade introverts from practicing leadership at all. This session will explore how and why introverts become some of our most valued leaders, offering practical suggestions for a student’s everyday life.

Facilitator: Brian Houze

Brian began his professional journey at Loyola University Chicago in January 2013. He holds an M.Ed. in Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago and a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Brian loves good tunes, the Chicago Bears, and eating his way around the beautiful city of Chicago.

Leadership Foundations (CORE Workshop)

7-8:30pm | March 19th | Quinlan Life Science Building 312

This workshop will expose students to various models, theories and historical perspectives of leadership. Students will be encouraged to critically evaluate these approaches and to engage in discussions around leadership as a socially constructed phenomenon. Through activities and conversations, students will explore what leadership means to them. They will also reflect on how this understanding impacts the way in which they engage in the leadership process.

Facilitator: Shannon Howes

Shannon began working at Loyola University Chicago in July, 2010, and loves serving as the director for Leadership Development and Second Year Experience.  Shannon is a student in LUC's Higher Education doctoral program, and has also served as a member of the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership research team.  Shannon has a fabulous partner and 2 wonderful children.

Developing Your Personal Brand

6-7:30pm | March 25th | Cuneo Hall 206

Students will learn how to combine branding with their unique skills, talents, and experiences in order tell their story in a way that will be attractive to perspective employers. Students will work on developing their personal brand as well as practice utilizing it to build confidence in their networking skills.

Facilitator: Christopher D. Alemán

Chris is a graduate intern studying counseling with a concentration in college student development at DePaul University. Chris has over 8 years of experience working with college students in a variety of roles in higher education including peer mentorship, admissions, academic and career advising, and leadership development. Chris aspires to continue his career in student affairs once he graduates from his program this Spring.

Connect Four: Four Ways to Develop and Maintain Valuable Relationships

7-8:30pm | April 3rd | Quinlan Life Science Building 312

This presentation shows students four keys to developing valuable relationships for themselves, their organizations, and their communities. Hands on activities let students practice meeting people for the first time and sustaining meaningful conversations, understand potential allies and business partners, and think through how they can better collaborate with others. By thinking through meeting others, sharing your ideas with them, and finding ways to connect to those that can help, students can further their goals and create a diverse network.

Facilitators: Emily T. Callahan & Benjamin S. Wiebers

Emily and Ben are both second year students in Loyola's Masters of Higher Education program. Emily is originally from the wonderful state of Rhode Island, an alumna of Quinnipiac University and enjoys snowboarding, sriracha sauce and the New York Giants. Ben is from Colorado, an alumnus of the University of Wyoming and enjoys climbing, improv comedy and playing Grand Theft Auto.

The Call to Leadership (CORE Workshop)

7-8:30pm | April 9th | Quinlan Life Science Building 312

“Is there then such a thing as a call to lead — an experience of a ‘powerful, magnetic force’ around the act of breaking down the status quo and bringing on the possibilities?”-Dan Oestreich. What is your call to leadership? What do you stand up for, when everyone else is sitting down? This workshop assists students in understanding leadership as a calling, challenges them to discover their call to leadership, and explains how to facilitate this discovery in others.

Facilitator: John Cote

John graduated in 2013 from the University of South Carolina with a masters degree is Higher Education and Student Affairs. He graduate in 2011 from Loyola University Chicago with degrees in Psychology and Economics. He is passionate about the Jesuit mission, Loyola University Chicago, and the city of Chicago. He is happy to be back home at Loyola and is looking forward to meeting all of the second year students. John is responsible for overseeing the second year programming, so if you have any thoughts, ideas, or concerns please feel free to send him an email!

Leadership in Action (CORE Workshop)

6-7:30pm | April 10th | Cuneo Hall 203

This workshop engages students in conversations around leadership for the promotion of positive social change and the promotion of social justice. The goals are to support understanding of complex issues, and to empower students in their development as agents of positive change.

Facilitator: Yolanda M. Barnes

Yolanda M. Barnes is a Coordinator for Student Leadership Development. Her professional and research interest areas include leadership and service, social justice and diversity programs, and the access and retention of first generation students. Yolanda believes all students have the capacity to lead. While not at work, she enjoys finding the next great brunch spot in Chicago and exploring the many neighborhoods that make this city so unique. She has a dog named Josie, who she loves dearly.





*Interested in becoming an Interfaith Ally? Attend the Religious Literacy and Ally Skills Development workshops to complete the requirements to be an Interfaith Ally. This program is a series that leads students in developing their identity, developing faith/non-faith awareness, understanding their privileges, and becoming an interfaith ally to those without privilege all through the lens of faith. This program will occur each semester. For more information, contact Brian Anderson at banderson2@luc.edu


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