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Are you looking to connect with students, faculty, and staff who are passionate about the same things you are?  Learning Communities give students the opportunity to connect with peers, faculty, and staff who build unique communities based on shared interest in a specific topic.  Students in each Learning Community live together in a residential community and enjoy taking a couple classes together.  They connect their residential experiences with their academic experiences through theme related co-curricular programs planned specifically for their community by committees of student members and by their faculty. 

Students who participate in Learning Communities report feeling a greater sense of community on-campus, make friends with similar interests that last a life-time, create important connections with faculty, develop more holistically as students, and achieve higher GPAs – plus they have a ton of fun together!

First and Second Year Communities

Students initially commit to participating in their Learning Communities for one year, but have the opportunity to continue in their Learning Communities as sophomore students.  Though the first-year and sophomore students live in different buildings, the buildings are located in close proximity to each other which allows students to easily connect for programs.  Sophomore students provide leadership to the communities by leading programming and planning committees in which first-year students can also participate. 

Community Themes

First and Second Year students have the opportunity to participate in the following Learning Communities:

Green Learning Community

International Learning Community

Leadership Learning Community

Multicultural Learning Community

Wellness Learning Community 

Urban Issues Learning Community 

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students have the opportunity to participate in the Urban Issues Learning Community located on the Water Tower Campus in Baumhart Hall.  The unique overlap of social and socio-economic communities surrounding WTC provides a rich environment for students to engage a host of urban issues with focus on social justice concerns.  Students have the opportunity to engage in course work focused on Urban Issues from a sociological perspective or in a course through the School of Communications.

Transfer Student Communities

Learning Communities are a wonderful way for transfer students to become connected with each other, with current Loyola students, and with faculty from their first day on campus.  Fall semester transfer students have the opportunity to participate in the International Learning Community in Messina Hall on the Lakeshore Campus, the Transfer Loyola Experience Learning Community in Fairfield Hall on the Lakeshore Campus, and in the Urban Issues Learning Community in Baumhart on the Water Tower Campus.


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