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Trip to the Baha'i Temple

‌The International Learning Community brings together students with interest and passion international issues and experiences and fosters critical understanding of international concerns and dynamics in the contemporary world. The curricular and co-curricular offerings associated with the ILC serve to enhance global awareness, including understanding of and appreciation for cultural and religious diversity, international political structures and trends, global economic issues, and transnational environmental and social challenges.  The Community also serves to connect international and U.S. students in a celebration of diverse cultures. International students who choose to reside in the community are always placed with roommates from the United States. 

In 2014-2015, the International Learning Community will be home to 100 first-year students who live together in one of our five first-year residence halls.

Activities and Programs

Students in the International LC have participated in retreats and conferences on global citizenship, attended the Chicago International Film Festival, visited the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, taken a tour of the Baha'i in Wilmette, IL, and explored cultural neighborhoods around Chicago.  They often enjoy cooking meals and sharing their native cultures with one another.

Students in the International Learning Community choose to participate in the activities and programs that are of interest to them. The students who participate in the largest number of programs and activities also enjoy the greatest benefits from the community.

Curricular Requirements

The curricular requirements for the International LC provide wonderful opportunities to connect through coursework with peers in the community but also ample opportunity to meet friends from outside the community.  Faculty members who teach in the International LC also participate with students in activities and events outside the classroom, allowing students to develop stronger relationships with faculty members from their first day on campus. Students enjoy the built-in study groups that come with living and learning together!

First-year students take 4 credit hours together in the Fall semester and 3 credit hours together in the Spring semester.  Specific courses offered in the International LC for the 2013-2014 are listed below.

2014-2015 International LC Classes


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