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Participating in Saturday of Service

The Leadership for Social Change Learning Community is home to a diverse group of students who share a passion for exploring their own leadership styles and the concept of leadership as action through which change is effected for the betterment of others.

Students engage in the exploration of leadership as a process, rather than a position, that promotes the values of social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service. Students in the community are encouraged to build their leadership skills, discover their passions, and apply their self knowledge to their pursuit to better their community and the world around them.

Activities and Programs

Students in the Leadership for Social Change participate in countless activities and programs that develop their understanding of leadership and they own personal leadership skills. They enjoy leadership conferences and programs on campus, give back to the community through the New Student Day of Service, and educate themselves through workshops on values, servant leadership, personal leadership style, and identity and leadership. They also have a lot of fun through community outings (ice skating was a recent favorite), excursions around Chicago, and regular community brunches on the weekends.

Curricular Requirements

In fall 2016, students in the Leadership for Social Change Learning Community will take UNIV 101 with their advisors Mr. Joseph Drake or Ms Elizabeth Reynders, and each student will choose one of two core courses.

UNIV 101  First Year Seminar – Section 17   Class  2730  
Monday 2:45-3:35   OR

UNIV 101  First Year Seminar – Section 82   Class 2792   
Thursday 1:00-1:50  OR

UNIV 101  First Year Seminar – Section 24   Class 4821   
Monday 5:00-5:50    OR

UNIV 101  First Year Seminar – Section 103 Class 3376   
Friday 12:30-1:20  


PHIL 130 Philosophy and Persons   OR  

SOCL 101 Society in a Global Age 


PHIL 130 is an introduction to the ideas and values that have shaped our world, and specifically how these ideas and values influence our everyday lives.  The class will investigate, among other things, the relation between leadership and values, and the importance of understanding human nature within a political context. The instructor is a founder of the non-profit organization Global Alliance for Africa.  Core Philosophical Knowledge Tier I.   Dr. Thomas Derdak, TTH 2:30-3:45; Sect 24 Class 3870. 

SOCL 101 provides students with basic empirical and theoretical tools for analyzing the social world, as well as an introduction to the issues of globalization.  Since understanding the social world is fundamental to the ability to change it, students will become better prepared to be leaders both now and in the future.  The “out of class” experiences will include opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.  Core Social and Cultural Knowledge Tier I.  Dr. Elfriede Wedam, MWF 1:40-2:30; Sect 10 Class 3728.