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Saturday of Service during Welcome Week

In 2014-2015, the Service and Faith Learning Community will be home to around 30 first-year students who are passionate about exploring the integration of faith and justice through service.  By engaging in the community surrounding their new home at Loyola and in the city of Chicago, students will deepen their understanding of service as a foundation for exploring, articulating and living their own beliefs and values.  Inspired by Jesuit tradition, members of the Service and Faith LC will strive to become “persons for others” through both their intellectual inquiry and engagement in their community.

Students in the Service and Faith LC will live together in one of our 5 first-year residence halls.

Activities and Programs

Students participating in the Service and Faith LC will have the opportunity to shape their own experience while building a tradition here at Loyola.  At least four times a semester, the community will gather for large-group discussions or immersion experiences both on and off campus.  Examples from the 2013-2014 community include:

The activities will allow the students to experience Chicago’s diverse populations and needs through service in the greater Chicago community. Learning Community programs and discussions are designed to help students:

Students will also take advantage of fun community activities such as weekend brunches, trips to the beach, and reflective immersions off-campus.

Curricular Requirements

In fall 2014students in the Service and Faith Learning Community will take UNIV 101 together, and each student will choose one of the following two courses:

                 PHIL 130 Philosophy and Persons  OR

                THEO 100 Introduction to Christian Theology

PHIL 130 introduces students to the fundamental philosophical issues that bear on our understanding of persons in three equally weighted components, namely, Persons & Knowledge, Persons & Values, and Persons & Reality. Special attention will be placed on how answers to these questions influence religious outlooks. First year students at St. Joseph College Seminary will also be in this class.  Core Philosophical Knowledge Tier I.   Dr. Alberto Bertozzi, MWF 9:20-10:10; Sect 4 Class 3675.

 THEO 100 will focus on the role of autobiography in the formation of one's faith life and in the ministries of religious communities.  Through the study of autobiographical faith narratives and the construction of our own faith stories, we will pursue the interwoven nature of faith and life.  Texts will include Augustine’s Confessions, as well as the more recent The Genesee Diary by Henri Nouwen and Dorothy Day’s The Long Loneliness.  The class will also visit the worship and service activities of a range of local congregations.  Core Theological and Religious Studies Tier I. Dr. Colby Dickinson, TTh 10:00-11:15: Sect 8 Class 5192.

Read through the Spring 2015 LC Course Descriptions for more information on courses available to students in Learning Communities.




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