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The Leadership for Social Change Learning Community is home to a diverse group of students who share a passion for exploring their own leadership styles and the concept of leadership as action through which change is effected for the betterment of others.

Students engage in the exploration of leadership as a process, rather than a position, that promotes the values of social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service.  Students in the community are encouraged to build their leadership skills, discover their passions, and apply their self knowledge to their pursuit to better their community and the world around them.

In 2013-2014, the Leadership for Social Change Learning Community will be home to 100 first-year students and 50 second-year and transfer students.  The first-year students will live together in one of our five first-year residence halls and the sophomore and transfer students will live together in Fairfield Hall.

Activities and Programs

Students in the Leadership for Social Change participate in countless activites and programs that develop their understanding of leadership and they own personal leadership skills.  They enjoy the LEAD for Change Retreat hosted at Loyola's Retreat and Ecology Campus, give back to the community through the New Student Day of Service, and educate themselves through workshops on values, servant leadership, personal leadership, and identity and leadership.  They also have a lot of fun through community outings (ice skating was a recent favorite), excursions around Chicago, and regular community brunches on the weekends.

Curricular Requirements

First-year students will take 4 credits together in the Fall semester and 3 credits together in the Spring semester.  In the Fall semester, this includes UNIV 101 - Loyola First Year Seminar, and a CORE class focused on ethics.  In the Spring semester, first-year students will take a 3 credit hour class that serves as the introductory class to Loyola's new Leadership Minor program.  Sophomore students take a 3 credit hour CORE course in the Fall semester only that will focus on leadership in social change and social movements.  Specific course information for 2013-2014 will be posted in the coming months.


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