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Community Description

The mission of the International Learning Community is to foster critical understanding of international concerns and dynamics in the contemporary world. The curricular and co-curricular offerings associated with the ILC serve to enhance global awareness, including understanding of and appreciation for cultural and religious diversity, international political structures and trends, global economic issues, and transnational environmental and social challenges.  The Community also serves to connect international and U.S. students in a celebration of diverse cultures. International students who choose to reside in the community are always placed with roommates from the United States.  This community is most appropriate for students whose interests and aspirations have a strong international component, including those with an interest in studying or living abroad, those who are interested in studying international issues, and those who have a compelling desire to expand their exposure to and knowledge of global diversity.

The goals of the Learning Community are for students to develop:

- an enhanced awareness of cultural and religious diversity around the world

- a greater understanding of international political and social organizations

- an increased ability to appreciate multiple perspectives on contemporary global issues

- a deeper commitment to the value of social justice and its implications for global action

In 2012-2013, the International Learning Community will be home to 80 first-year students, 20 sophomore students (both continuing and incoming transfer students).  The first-year students live together in one of our 5 first-year residence halls while the second-year (including transfer) students will live together in Messina Hall.  Messina Hall will open in the Fall of 2012!

Activities and Programs

Students in the International LC have participated in retreats on global citizenship, enjoyed speakers on international issues, viewed and discussed international films, explored the Chicago History Museum, and enjoyed meals with faculty at restaurants representing countries across the globe.  They often enjoy cooking meals from their native cultures for each other.  Faculty have taught students
about cultures and communities from around the world by exploring neighborhoods around Chicago, such as Chinatown, Greektown, Ukranian Village, and the South Asian area directly adjacent to campus, just to name a few.  The community actively participates in International Week on campus.

Students in the International Learning Community choose to participate in the activities and programs that are of interest to them.  The students to participate in the largest number of programs and activities also enjoy the greatest benefits from the community.

Curricular Requirements

The curricular requirements for the International LC provide wonderful opportunities to connect through coursework with peers in the community but also ample opportunity to meet friends from outside the community.  Faculty members who teach in the International LC also participate with students in activities and events outside the classroom, allowing students to develop stronger relationships with faculty members from their first day on campus.  Students enjoy the built-in study groups that come with living and learning together!

First-year Student Curriculum

First-year students in the International Learning Community take 4 credit hours together in the Fall semester and 3 credit hours together in the Spring semester.


All courses required for the International LC meet requirements for all degree programs at Loyola.  Planned courses for 2012-2013 include*:

Fall Semester *Spring Semester *

PLSC 102: International Relations in an Age of Globalization (3cr)


ANTH 101: Globalization and Local Cultures (3cr)

All students should choose one of the following courses:

Theo 107 Introduction to Religion

Professor - John McCarthy

TR 8:30-9:45

The course explores religion as a significant part of human experience and introduces the student to the description and analysis of various forms of religion. Outcome: Students will be able to analyze and interpret various ways in which religious traditions intersect with contemporary issues.  Theology-Religion Core


Phil 182 Social Ethics

Professor - David Schweikart

TR 11:30-12:45

This course will investigate one of the central questions of philosophy and social theory: How should we, as human beings, live together?  Outcome: Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the major philosophical questions in the area of social philosophy with attention to the historical and conceptual development of these questions, and be able to articulate some of the major problems and responses central to this area of philosophy.  Ethics Core

UNIV 101: Loyola First Year Seminar (1cr)

* Courses are subject to change

Sophomore and Transfer Student Curriculum

Sophomore and transfer students in the International Learning Community will take 3 credit hours together in the Fall semester only.  All courses required for the International LC fulfill requirements of the CORE Curriculum, which is required for all degrees and majors at Loyola.  Sophomore and transfer students will take an upper-level humanities or social science course focused on of international concerns and dynamics in the contemporary world.

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