Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

What is an LC?


“I lived in the International Learning Community with students from around the world, each one of us possessing a shared wanderlust. Every day, several languages could be heard throughout the community spaces. Through the LC, I was encouraged to spend my sophomore year in Thailand, which is one of the greatest decisions of my life. Most importantly, I met some of my closest friends." -Brandon

In a Learning Community, students...
  • ...live together in a residence hall, forming a tight-knit community with friends who share common interests and diverse perspectives.
  • ...study with other students sharing similar experiences so you can help support one another.
  • ...enroll in CORE curriculum courses tailored to your Learning Community with small class sizes and taught by engaged faculty.
  • ...participate in events related to the theme of your Learning Community. You might visit a world-class Chicago museum with your professor, serve as a mentor for International Student, take part in ground-breaking research, or have meaningful and spontaneous conversations about leadership.
  • ...receive customize support from staff, including a Resident Director, 1-2 Resident Assistants, and a Loyola staff partner who serves as a mentor and content expert for your community.
  • ...attend monthly meetings where you'll engage in exciting activities to help build a deeper connection within your Learning Community