Martin D'Arcy Collection

Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Art

The D’Arcy is one of the finest collections of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art in the Midwest. It is particularly noted for its diverse holdings of three-dimensional objects that epitomize both the religious and secular aspects of European life. Devotional ivories, painted sculptures, and enameled liturgical objects feature among its medieval highlights; in covering the Renaissance, the D’Arcy is especially strong in objects commissioned to celebrate familial events such as marriage and childbirth. Among its Baroque pieces are Christ Among the Doctors by Matthias Stomer, a Dutch-born follower of Caravaggio, and intricate pieces of metalwork and woodwork, such as a collector’s chest by Wenzel Jamnitzer, the leading German goldsmith of this period, and The Flagellation by Alessandro Algardi.

The Patricia Brett Erens Key Collection

This collection, presented in the 2009 exhibition Locking it Away: The Signs, Secrets, and Symbols of Keys, comprises keys dating from antiquity to the present, from Europe, China, Africa, and the United States.

Collection Highlights

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