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Fatima medal, dedicated to Lucia Santos, Aves: Semi precious kaynilc, a soft blue with metallic like incusions that give inner light.  Hand-carved wooden beads with antique flow cans from Germany (1930s-1960s) to remind us of the children and their daily life in the fields where flowers grew and were probably picked. 

Margot Clarter Blair is a designer, part of a guild of crafts women who live in Upper Peninsula of Michigan who form the Rosary Workshop.  Margot was inspired by antique beads long before she became Catholic.  Unable ti find interesting medalds to go with these old beads, she found antique rosary crucifixes and metals and had them hand cast in sterling and bronze.  This combination created rare and beautiful prayer counters.  Today, the mission at the Rosary Workshop Guild is to provide the finest handmade rosaries and chaplets for personal worship they can make using the finest supplies available.  The guild believes the work of their hands should give visual Glory to God. 

Hand cast from antique vintage pieces of sterling silver and solid bronze, then restored to original pantina.


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