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Hospitalist and Comprehensive Care Program Projects

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Looking for a research position/internship, one that could offer an opportunity for course credit? Consider the University of Chicago’s Hospitalist Project or the Comprehensive Care Program Project.

The project is looking for students interested in medicine or clinical research. They are looking for enthusiastic, responsible, committed individuals of strong moral character, and ask for long-term commitment (at least 4 months) since there is so much training involved.

Participating students are granted the opportunity to:


The Hospitalist Project and the Comprehensive Care Program Project offer an excellent opportunity for students interested in a career in any health-care or research field, especially those applying to Medical School, MPH programs, or Clinical Psychology graduate school.

It is a clinical research project that aims to help improve the care patients receive in the hospital. The Hospitalist Project has been around for nearly 16 years.

The CCP project is a randomized clinical study funded by the Center for Medicaid & Medicare Innovation. The study aims to evaluate a new model of care where primary care doctors take care of patients both in the clinic and in the hospital. This model may improve care coordination and reduce costs for patients who are at high risk of re-hospitalization

While there are many various duties, the main responsibility of research assistants is to interview patients. There are two main types of interviews – in-patient interviews and follow-up phone calls:

In-patient interview:

  • Takes about 10-20 minutes
  • Takes place in the patients hospital room
  • Questions are regarding how the patient’s health was a month ago, how his or her health is now, and demographic questions, among others.

Follow-up interview:

  • Takes about 5-10 minutes
  • Takes place over the phone, from our office
  • Questions are regarding the patient’s health and what he/she thought about the care received at the hospital
  • The best training for interviewing
  • Improved communication skills
  • Networking
  • Shadowing Program
  • Mentoring
  • The best patient interaction experience
  • Helping improve healthcare
  • Clinical research experience

Unfortunately, no. The project is looking for students who are willing to donate their time in exchange for the opportunity to do research in a clinical setting.

Yes! Students interested in receiving course credit for their work should enroll in Biol 398 or an equivalent class in their major. The academic requirements are a 15 to 20 page research paper that is graded and evaluated by your research supervisor and a poster presentation of your research in the spring Biology Department and University research symposia. If you are seeking 3hrs of credit and for the internship to count as a laboratory class in your Biology major.  If you are seeking fewer hours of credit the biology department asks that you do a paper that is graded and evaluated by your research advisor but do not require a presentation posters.

Students interested in enrolling in Biol 398 should contact Dr. Pickett at FPicket@luc.edu

To apply, please send your resume and indicate your preference between the two projects (if any) to the Project Coordinator, Aimy Tien, at: atien@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu.


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