Namrah Mirza

Year: Junior

Major(s):  Economics, Biology

Mentor: Malliaris, Anastasios and Holstein, Martha

Department: Quinlan Business-Finance

Project Title: Exploring the relationship between healthcare policy, economics and values in Canada and the United states and using these relationships to infer the underlying values that form the basis of our healthcare institutions.

Project Abstract: Though Canada and the United States are foundationally similar in language, and democratic systems, we have fundamentally different healthcare systems. This study aims to analyze the societal values that manifest themselves in the economics of our healthcare systems. Through this analysis we hope to find what values cause our healthcare system to be so fundamentally different from that of Canada. I aim to accomplish this through literature review and a careful economic analysis of each healthcare system. A questionnaire and interviews with Canadian and American healthcare policy experts will also be components of my study that will allow me to make the proper inferences about the values that underlie each society.