Brianna Scharrer

Year: Sophomore

Major(s):  Psychology

Mentor: Silton, Rebecca

Department: Psychology

Project Title: Exploration of Biomarkers used to Predict Depression Treatment Outcome

Project Abstract: The proposed study is a depression treatment outcome study that will investigate related changes in brain function. The behavioral activation treatment (Mobilyze!) will be administered via smart phone technology with the overall goal of promoting treatment dissemination to populations that do not have access to traditional psychotherapy methods. Electroencephalography (EEG) data will be collected at pre- and post-treatment sessions to measure changes in activity in brain regions known to be affected in individuals with depression. Significant changes in activity in these brain regions are predicted to be related to fewer depression-related symptoms at the end of treatment. This proposed study will be the first known study to measure the neural correlates that support symptom remission in behavioral activation therapy for depression. Studying neural correlates associated with depression in the context of a treatment outcome study will enhance understanding about the individual difference factors that contribute to the recovery from depression.