Kellen Fisher

Year: Junior

Major(s):  English

Mentor: Meinhardt, Michael

Department: English

Project Title: The Agency of Fairy Tales in Modern Society

Project Abstract: Fairy tales are an integral part of modern culture; by understanding their relevance and the role they play in today’s society, we can better draw connections and realize the significance of these relationships that have been established within our society. To research and further analyze these connections, I plan to examine the way manipulations upon fairy tales instill a new set of moral codes in our society as well as analyze the agency that has been placed upon fairy tales in defining modern culture. To do this, I plan to examine the ways gender, race, and class all influence today’s readings of fairy tales. This can include images that are read in today’s society as science, nature, technology, family, and business. From this research I expect to gain a renewed understanding of the relevance that fairy tales play in modern culture and how closely they interact with today’s marketing priorities.