David Upp

Year: Junior

Major(s): Chemistry

Mentor: Becker, Daniel

Department: Chemistry & Biochemistry

Project Title: Creating Metal Complexes with N3-CTV for Biomedical Imaging

Project Abstract: The supramolecule tribenzo-1,4,7-triazacyclononatriene (N3-CTV, US patent 8,173,803, issued 5/8/12) is of interest for a variety of applications, including biomedical imaging. The molecule has a similar structure to cyclotriveratrylene, but with 3 amine groups forming the 9-membered apex ring. The ability to easily functionalize the molecule, and to bind to metals through complexation with the nitrogen atoms will enable us to investigate the use of N3-CTV in medical imaging, specifically positron-emission tomography (PET). My research will focus on identifying metal complexes of N3-CTV that will be used for this purpose. I will begin by doing a screening study, involving the creation of a complex with a number of common metals to find which ones have the most potential for a stable metal complex. Mass spectrometry will be used to determine metal binding. I will then explore the reactivities of these complexes, particularly electron transfer behavior using cyclic voltammetry. My proposed research will be published in an appropriate peer-reviewed journal such as the Journal of Organic Chemistry or Tetrahedron.