Jennifer Johnson

Year: Senior

Major(s): Mathematics, Psychology

Mentor: O'Brien, Timothy

Department: Mathematics and Statistics

Project Title: Enabling Quantitative Assessment and Interdisciplinarity: Fostering Communication and Unifying Statistical Analysis by using R Freeware

Project Abstract: The R statistical software is a powerful, free program that can be used across disciplines. It is quite versatile and can be used on multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The goal of this project is to thoroughly research the R freeware engine in order to see how it can best benefit Loyola University Chicago. We plan to create a product of comprehensive tutorials and suggestions for operating R. Currently, each department uses different statistical programs and often these programs are discipline-specific. With R, it is possible to have software that is beneficial for all departments. With the campus-wide use of R, there can be greater collaboration in research and more opportunities for sharing knowledge. Our research will include gathering information about the current practices of faculty and students on campus, and using this data to see how R can be beneficial in each department. We plan for the tutorials to be descriptive enough to greatly aid in learning the R software. Having a common ground to present and predict data will lead to better communication across campus. Greater strides in research are possible since more minds can contribute knowledge to a project. Dr. Timothy O’Brien of the Mathematics and Statistics department will be leading the research on the R software.