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Postbaccalaureate Research

Research can lead students many places after college, to a job doing research in a lab, to work applying research in the field, to further collaboration with a community partner, or simply to a career through which students apply skills learned through research.  Some students also choose to build on their research experience by applying to graduate school, where research becomes a central part of their work.  There are many different types of graduate and professional schools, and you should be sure to talk with your professors, advisors, and others before making such a big commitment.  If you are interested in pursuing further research in the field or in graduate school, you should consider applying for additional fellowships and using resources to help you find the graduate program that best matches your experience, interest, and goals.

  • Loyola Fellowship Office
  • Registry of Undergraduate Researchers, Council of Undergraduate Research
  • McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program, Loyola University Chicago

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