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The purpose of the minor in business administration is to provide students registered in colleges other than the School of Business Administration with an opportunity to take a selected number of elective business administration courses. By satisfactorily completing no less than six of the following courses, students will gain a focused introduction to basic business concepts often applicable to commercial decision-making.

Students must choose three courses from each of the following groups of business courses:

200-level courses (Choose 3)

ACCT 201 Introductory Accounting I

ACCT 202 Introductory Accounting II

ECON 201 Principles of Economics (Micro)

ECON 202 Principles of Economics (Macro)

ISOM 241 Business Statistics

ISOM 247 Computer Concepts & Applications

300-level courses (Choose 3)

MARK 301 Fundamentals of Marketing

MGMT 301 Managing People & Organizations

ECON 303 Microeconomics

ECON 304 Macroeconomics

FINC 332 Business Finance

LREB 315 Law and the Regulatory Environment of Business I

A "C" is required for all of the selected six courses. A maximum of one transfer course from outside of Loyola University Chicago may be allowed at the discretion of the dean.


The international business concentration is available only as a second major. Students selecting this major must also choose a major in a functional area as well. Business students majoring in international business choose as their specialization five courses (15 semester hours) from a menu of courses in international business currently housed within the various departments of the School of Business including:

ACCT 306 Advanced Accounting: Business Combinations, Consolidations & International

ECON 323 International Economics

ECON 324 International Monetary Relations

ECON 325 Economics of Development and Growth

FINC 340 Emerging Markets

FINC 355 International Financial Management

MGMT 305 Global Business Strategy

MGMT 315 International Management

ISOM 338 Logistics in the Global Economy

MARK 341 Global Marketing

MARK 363 International Marketing.

Up to two courses (6 hrs.) may satisfy the requirements for both the functional major and the international business major.

Students majoring in international business are strongly encouraged to study at the Rome Center campus for one semester and/or a summer session. In addition, students majoring in international business are required to have facility with a foreign language.

Six credit hours of college instruction in one foreign language are required, or its equivalent of two years of high school instruction in the same language, or demonstrated proficiency by examination

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