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Undergraduate Studies Catalog


Lake Shore Campus:
Crown Center 575
Phone: 773-508-3650
FAX: 773-508-2292

Water Tower Campus:
Lewis Towers 900
Phone: 312-915-6520
FAX: 312-915-8543

Professor: J. Keenan

Associate Professors: D. Birge, B. Lavelle, J. Makowski, J. Murphy, S.J. (chairperson)

Assistant Professors: G. Dobrov, J. Long, E. Menes

Adjunct Professors: E. Denja, P. Graham-Skoul

The Department of Classical Studies offers a major and a minor in Greek (GREK), in Latin (LATN), and in classical civilization (CLST). Its language courses are an essential requirement of the Bachelor of Arts, Classics.

Greek and Latin courses are offered only at the Lake Shore campus. Some courses for the major and minor in classical civilization are offered at the Water Tower campus.


The Department of Classical Studies aims to bring students into sustained contact with the wealth of Graeco-Roman civilization, to develop an understanding of all aspects of its culture, art, literature, ideas, beliefs, and values, and to study the classical world in order to understand the sources of the modern one.

Since the departmentís aims are best met by the study of the documents of antiquity in their original languages, it offers major and minor sequences in Greek and Latin. For students who have a strong interest in the study of antiquity but are prevented for some reason from gaining linguistic proficiency, it offers a concentration in art and archaeology and major and minor sequences in classical civilization, taught entirely in English. To fulfill the requirements of the degree curriculum closest in form to traditional Jesuit higher education, the B.A. (Classics), the department offers the necessary Greek and Latin courses. As its contribution to the literature area of the core curriculum, the department offers CLST 271-295, several specially designed literature courses on a variety of genres and themes, taught in English translation. These may also be taken as electives. In addition, GREK 275, 281, and 285 and LATN 271, 272, 283, 284, 286, 287, and 288 help to satisfy the core literature requirement. Finally, the departmentís elementary language courses fulfill the college language requirement.

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